Update // #3

1 February 2017

My friends and I often speak about blogging, writing, making, crafting, using our creative minds in any way, shape or form. We discuss how we'd like to start this course, or get involved in that club, and of course how we'd like to expand on our online presence. We're itching to push ourselves a step or two outside of our comfort zones. We're searching for the right avenue to showcase our creative energy. We're certain that we're still finding our path to success and happiness; waiting for our true identities to emerge. I completely support myself and my friends in our quest to better ourselves. Perhaps its unrealistic to consider that life hasn't really begun yet, but I'm more than happy to believe that the first 25 years of my life have been a period of trial and testing. I'm also happy to accept that I have more trialling and more testing to come, before I feel as though I've truly found the boots that fit. The number of times I've had to re-introduce myself and my blog is quite ridiculous.

At this point, I'm pretty certain that the only people reading this will be a handful of close friends, and my future self in a moment of nostalgia. For the latter of the two, this was the time when you decided (again) that it would be a good thing for your scrambled brains to return to the blogging realm. You promised yourself that you'd write honestly, and care as little as possible about anybody with any negativity towards what you might have to say. You were feeling vaguely optimistic towards your somewhat organised new approach to your finances, home and health, and figured that this could be a great time to write - the one thing you've always felt creative passion towards. It took you two days to create this tiny blog post, due to your usual over-analysing. You still didn't like the way that it looked when you were ready to publish, but you just thought, fuck it.

 Once again I've abandoned my blog for almost a whole year, and once again I'm going to attempt to change that, and use this blog like I used to back in my undergraduate days. In fact - no - better than that. My belated new year's resolution isn't just to be as good as I once might have been, but to be an even better version. So here's to the best damn version of Kindly Treasures you have ever seen. I'll try to make it interesting, it would be lovely to hear from you - if anybody is out there.

Peace and love, love and light.


  1. You know something? Yesterday I sat myself down and had a lovely hot steaming cup of PG Tips, and I said to myself I love PG Tips, and I stand by that thought because it got me to thinking about all the different things in life that I enjoy and I realised although I love the Yorkshire Tea advert I don't really like to drink Yorkshire Tea, I love the box and the shape and everything else but I just don't really enjoy the taste.

    I do however enjoy a good cup of Tetley tea but those little Tetley men do my nut in, every time I see them it reminds me of being locked in a car with nothing but a promotional Tetley man to keep me company I suppose this is the reason that I can't bring myself to drink Tetley tea on more than the rarest of occasions. Also that song is an ear worm of the worst degree

    Typhoo tea however i would not use to put out a fire in my next door neighbours house, I do like my next door neighbour but sometimes when the woman says hello to me she looks at me in a way that says we could start a new life together and this makes me uncomfortable because I saw her using a kettle to de ice her car the other day when it was icy and I like to be prepared so I always use pre icer so I can just turn on the wipers and it will all fall off, I don't buy anything fancy I just use the stuff from Asda usually it's two for one, an old friend of mine works at Asda whenever I see him I get wistful and think about the times we had before all the things that came to pass came to pass and then I forget about him by the time I've bought my pre icer.

    Which brings me back to my original point. In fact-no-better, my new point; I don't really drink tea that often

  2. I'm a Yorkshire Tea girl myself, although it is probably based purely on the packaging and the little square bags. I think they all taste pretty much the same.

    Your next door neighbor sounds promiscuous, good luck to you Original Crusher.