23 October 2012

I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago now, and I cannot thank everybody involved enough for how special they made it for me. I always end up stressing out around this time of year, worrying that I'll have an unsuccessful party, or i'll have a boring day, but I'm soon reminded that my wonderful friends and family ain't ever gonna let that happen.

On the eve of my birthday I headed back to Nottingham and enjoyed a lovely family meal at Las Iguanas, where we ate and drank as the Latin folk do, then headed for a couple of drinks at the trip to Jerusalem which is the oldest pub in England. It was the first time I've been, even though I've lived in Nottingham most of my life, and its really cute for an old man's pub. I woke up on my birthday in my own cosy bed at home, to the sound of my mum singing something about the key to the door? I'm not sure how it goes but it was cute. I was spoilt with presents, including my own pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, at last! As my parents both had work early, I headed into town with Dad to catch the train, where he took an hour off his morning and treated me to an incredible breakfast at Patisserie Valerie. Spoilt spoilt! When I arrived back in Sheffield I was greeted by a bunch of friendly strangers wishing me a happy birthday as I was wearing a big pink badge - reminding me just how adorable and friendly it is here. I met Sophie and we went for Lunch at Bungalows and Bears, one of my favourite pubs in the Steel City. After hours of pottering around town, and unfortunately uni, we headed home where I found that the house was kitted out in decorations and awful photographs of me, which was absolutely the cutest thing ever. I just about managed to hold back the tears as I opened my presents and enjoyed a home cooked chilli and birthday cake. The intention was then to hit Itchy Feet, a swing night at Leadmill but as it was raining and we weren't guaranteed entry we ended up drinking at home, all dressed up anyway, and I saw my birthday out with sparklers and huge penis shaped shot glasses of gin - it was hilarious and perfect.

The days following my actual birthday contained more birthday fun! I had a night out to Corporation on the Friday, a 90s themed house party on the Saturday, and a tattoo a couple of days later once the mad aftermath of the party had cooled off. The party was absolutely amazing, my friend brought his decks over and played a mix of 90s music until 7am the next day, and everybody danced and went wild all night long. The costumes were amazing, I was so pleased that everybody made an effort, and my five best friends from home, who are scattered around the country at different universities all made an appearance! I can't really put it into words so enjoy some photographs instead!

Bundles of 90s fun. Oh and the tattoo I got was a pair of unicorns on my thumbs. Silly, maybe, but I love them all the same. I had them done at Follow Your Dreams in the forum, by an excellent artist called Rich. What a birthday, hey! I'm a lucky girly.


17 October 2012

Fresh Start
A whole summer has passed and here I am with the impossible task of getting back into full swing with my poor neglected blog. It's been a strange one for sure, I've tackled a break-up and a move, had to balance working in Sheffield whilst all my friends were back home in Nottingham and prepare for my third and final year at university. Definitely the most stressful and un-summery summer of my life, but I have my fingers crossed that winter will manage to pull through and save 2012 from being a total write off!

Everything is a little crazy in the new house at the minute as we're still dealing with the aftermath of my twenty first birthday party (post to follow soon!) and as I don't currently have a working laptop I'll be using other people's computers whenever I can snatch a moment. Hopefully you'll be all caught up with my mildly interesting life soon enough. I'm still hoping to update the whole blog too, make it look a little prettier and exciting for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and I finally braved dip-dying my hair a beautiful shade of mermaid.
I love it, I don't care if I'm three seasons too late for the craze.

p.s Happy 52nd birthday to my beautiful mami today!