30 January 2012

The Vintage Fair came back to Sheffield last Saturday, and as my partner in crime had gone home for the weekend, I dragged another friend along to scour the rails of second-hand garments. She seemed to enjoy herself, picking up a few accessories and even trying on a daring flamenco number. I usually don't allow myself to spend very much at these things, just go for a browse and a cupcake; but after spying a pair of navy docs for thirty pounds I felt so pleased with the offer that I paid out another eighteen for this beautiful garish shirt. The two pounds left over from my bank notes went on a cup of pic-n-mix which I shared with my fella during our film day yesterday. I wore the shirt today for my first day back at uni of 2012, but unfortunately couldn't face wearing the docs as they've already ripped giant holes in my heels! I've bandaged them in plasters for the time being and when they're all healed up I'll get some gel pads or something - they won't go to waste, don't worry.

I'm going to persuade Nathan to take some snaps of me with my Canon as I'm useless with a self-timer. Also, I'm really tempted to get the beauty spot tattooed on, any thoughts?
Just puchased "Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey.

Ever since I first heard "Video Games" and watched her performance on Jools Holland I've been head over heels with this woman. Undoubtedly one of my favourite artists, her beautiful lyrics and tones have had me gripping the end of my seat in anticipation for this album. And boy, was I right to look forward to it. She showcases her stunning voice in a variety of styles, each as magical as the last. Definitely joining "Given To The Wild" by The Maccabees in my top albums of 2012.

And the things I'd do to have that face. Who cares if she's had a little surgery, everybody has things that they do to make them look and feel that little bit better. 

26 January 2012

Today has been delightful for a number of reasons! 1) My lace chokers arrived in the post today; not exactly the ones I was hoping for, but they'll do for now. 2) I have a new job! Working my first shift on Saturday night, at the pub at the end of my road, its nothing fancy but it'll bring in a little bit of cash! 3) Last night was super fun, I drank lots of red wine and had a chance to listen to some new music that was all really great. We had to leave early to catch the last train back to Sheffield but next time we'll plan it better and stay until the very end! 4) I'm off out on a bar crawl tonight, with a big group of girls. I'm terrible for turning down nights out in favour of a bubble bath and a film, but I've decided not to be a recluse tonight and I'm sure it will be loads of laughs! 5) I've booked three house viewings for Wednesday. Househunting is always fun, especially in a brand new area, with new people. Hopefully we'll find a really cosy one that I can dress up and love even more than this one! 6) I'm half way through finally getting around to ordering my Creepers. I say half way, as my internet crashed as I pressed confirm so I'm not sure whether I've purchased them or not yet! Black suade, double sole, underground creepers, you will soon be mine!

I'm sure there are a million more things to be thankful for, but for now I must dash to Sophie's, where a big bottle of gin will be waiting for us to tuck in to!

23 January 2012

This month's Vice magazine launch in Leeds happens to coincide with the "101 Skateboards" exhibition. 

Counting up the pennies for the train ride from Notts as although there is a launch night here too, they don't have the exibition to offer. Plus Nathan wouldn't be able to make it and I need somebody to drag along with me. He has to have some uses right? 

In the mean time, I'm in the process of writing a feature for a friend - don't want to say too much and jynx the whole affair but if it all goes well I'll post it up here. Slowly but surely I'll get my name and face out there. I'm currently not in possession of my camera but as soon as we're reuinited I'm gonna get clicking and start up my lookbook and get a few outfit posts up on here. Start acting like a proper blogger.

18 January 2012


Back from a lovely long weekend by the sea.
We took tourist photographs, drank too much at a family party, ate cakes at the cutest of cafes, and
spent wild nights in playing with the cat and watching films with Sophie's parents.
Maxin' and relaxin'.

Looking forward to going back already.

13 January 2012

Semester One, Year Two: done. Big sigh of relief. After a stressful few days it seems alien not to be panicing about my next deadline, or what I should be revising for but I took advantage last night by spending the evening in bed watching Freaks and Geeks - I sure know how to party.

In other much more exciting news, I'm off on a little holiday to Whitby in a couple of hours. I've never been before so its super exciting. Going for a family party with the BFF, its going to be a ton of giggles. I intend to take a ridiculous amount of photos so I'll probably have a few to put up when I get back!

Also I'm now the proud owner of a Maccabees ticket for next Saturday at Leadmill, and I literally can't wait. Ever since I bought "Given To The Wild", its been on loop and my obsession with Orlando Weeks is getting out of control. I think its love.


Look at those cheekbones. Marry me?

7 January 2012

Apologies for the state of my blog at the minute, new year, new start - this is going to be my pride and joy. First things first I have two exams this week with my novel deadline sandwiched between. By Thursday evening I will be a free girl for almost two weeks, which is plenty of time to revamp my blog, bedroom and maybe even wardrobe. Need to throw a load of stuff onto ebay as although my student loan has just come through, I'll be broke again sooner than you can imagine.

Speaking of which, I've spent the last three days in the company of the bo, spending way too much money and indulging in all of the things I miss when I'm not in Nottingham. Day one brought, a trip to the cinema to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Personally I thought it was brilliant, definitely on par with the original - we both left the cinema craving cigarettes and leather jackets. It also happened to be "our year" so in standard Tasha and Nathan style we came home with an armful of clothes for him, and only a bunch of ideas of things to treat me with. Day two began a little later than planned after an impromtu lay-in, but we still managed to take a good look around the book, comic and magazine shops. I bought a chuck palahniuk book and an issue of Frankie for myself, Thrasher for Nathan, and Front for both of us to flick through. Our final day in Nottingham has been my favourite so far. We wandered around Hockley for most of the day, making a pit stop in Lee Rosey's for a Chai Latte & White Hot Chocolate. I bought a beautiful vintage bracelet covered in gold and silver clock faces and cruxifixes for twenty five pounds, a complete steal! On top of all of these goodies we also ended up buying a total of fifteen cheap DVDs and an old yeah yeah yeahs CD - definitely ready to hibernate when I get back to Sheffield. I also spied the most beautiful leather jacket in a little punky place just behing the vintage warehouse. I popped my name down on the mailing list so I'll put up some more details about them when I hear from them.

The rest of my evening brings novel writing and revision. Really not looking forward to leaving Nottingham but hey, christmas can't last forever. And I guess getting back into some kind of routine won't be such a bad thing. Apologies for the lack of photos, I promise to be a much more efficient photo blogger in the very near future. I've also had some beautiful new items of clothing recently so I might even pop up a few outfit posts, I have a lookbook all set up and ready for the take off. I will sort myself out soon, promise, promise, promise.

3 January 2012

I'd give anything to be spending my evening relaxing.
Tomorrow evening can't come quick enough.

2 January 2012

Happy New Year
As usual I have a huge list of resolutions that'll I no doubt be making again when 2013 rears its head but lets hope this year I manage to stick at them - here goes: 

Read more, regularly excerise, visit the cinema at least once a month, find a job, be on top of my work, go on more dates, get involved in as much as I can, be braver, keep trying, lose weight, take more photos, blog often, go on a holiday, have more patience, sleep in less & stop wasting time.

I'm sure there are a million more, but this'll do for now.
Here's hoping 2012 lives up to my exceedingly high expectations.