21 May 2012

Less than 24 hours 'till the big exam and I'm still clueless. Turns out I only need 35% to pass which does make things a little easier but still need to buckle down today. Regardless of how little revision got done yesterday, I was right that it was a good day, I won two tickets to Alton Towers on ebay for only £14.50, what a steal! Sophie and I are going on Sunday and I absolutely cannot wait. I'm such an adrenaline junkie, so theme parks are my favourites. I used to visit Alton Towers often with my ex, but I haven't been in absolutely ages, excited just is not the word. Nathan is super jealous so as soon as I can I'll buy another pair and show him the sights (bros before hoes). I also got a really cute polkadot shirt which will no doubt make its debut on Sunday.

 Other things I've been doing instead of revising include; eating a huge amount of pringles, bidding on creepers that I'm never going to win, being hilarious with Sophie, loads of playing, watching terrible TV shows, listening to really good music and falling madly in love with THePETEBOX.
 He's so sweaty and beautiful and talented, what a dreamboat.

20 May 2012

I've woken up today with a spring in my step, feeling a million times better than I did yesterday. You know those days where everything just seems to be crashing around you? I had one of those, combined with a really nasty hangover yesterday - thank you Propaganda. I feel good vibes from today already.

My exam is in two days and I haven't even started my revision/learning so the next two days are reserved for just that. Sophie should be coming over soon to keep me company and do some learning with me. Fingers crossed Amy will come home and join us too so we can have a big girly revision session. I might even nip back to the shops for baking material, revision muffins? I've definitely developed a small obsession for baking muffins.

Time to engross myself in 18th Century Literature, lucky girly. I can't wait to wave goodbye to this module, even though it does mean that my second year is over. Terrifying how fast university is going, I need to start making some serious life plans. All I really want to do is see the world and write about it.

18 May 2012

Look how absolutely stunning my grandparents are. If only I'd have gotten a chance to meet them properly. I wish I could go back in time to this very picture, meet, drink and dance with them - I'm sure we'd have a ridiculous amount in common. My Mum has always said I get my musical side from my Grandad, I'd love to know what other traits I've taken from them. She also told me that although they didn't share very much in common with one another that they were wonderful dancers and loved to dance together. How beautiful is that? This is one of very few photos I've ever seen of them together and I love it. I think it dates around the mid 50s, the first place I'd visit if I could, although there aren't many eras I don't favour to my own.

Always in our hearts Nanny Curly and Grandad, I hope I'm doing you both proud
June Kearley (1930 - 1998) and Ronald Beechey (1929 - 1996)

16 May 2012

No more assignments left for year two, what a sigh of relief. This last week has been pretty crazy, all-nighters filled with doing last minute work, arriving at the library before I'm usually even thinking about being awake, then catching up on my sleep by not waking up 'til mid afternoon. Fingers crossed my body clock is all back in shape now and I'm ready for this last stretch of revision, work and having fun with my besties before they all start heading home for the summer! :( I haven't even thought about when I'm heading home other than on the 24th of this month for my baby brother's big 18th, oh my god.

I took these photos last night just before heading to the pub to catch the Huddersfield Town match. Since working at the punchbowl I'm becoming a little bit more in-the-know with the football, much to my father's satisfaction. Nathan is a secret avid town fan so I thought I'd treat him to a couple of pints, while I drank up some of mine that I have paid in. There are still a good handful left so I might pop back in tonight if Jack ends up coming round for one of our infamous gin nights.

Cow Cropped Shirt, H&M Jeans, Topshop Frilled Socks, Topshop Hat, Ebay Choker, Pandora Charm Bracelet

You get a decent view of my arm tattoos in these photos - the owl head on my right bicep and peace sign with a dove in the center on my left forearm. I have a few other smaller ones scattered about my body but I'm gasping for loads more. Once I've paid out everything I need to this summer first on my treat list is definitely some more ink. Loads of ideas are in the pipeline, I just have to prioritise them and find out how much they'd set me back. At least then I'd have something to show for all of this hard work! I also have a few hand shake agreements to get matching ones with friends. I know loads of people who think this is a stupid idea but what's wrong with having a perminent reminder of somebody that you care about? 

Now Listening to: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

9 May 2012

My head is filled with explosions of monochrome.
Wish me luck for getting my work done and handed in before work tomorrow at 4pm, eek.

8 May 2012

So very much to do and absolutely no motivation to do any of it. The last two days I've spent on the sofa pretending to do some work when really I've been procrastinating to the max. It's funny how computer games are only really good when you have a word count of around 8000 to get done in a couple of days. Did somebody say The Sims 3? After work tomorrow I'm heading to the library under strict instruction not to play or distract anybody, but to get a significant amount of essay writing done. My target for this evening is to at least finish the two stories that I've started, then that just leaves one more and an evaluation for Thursday. Lots of snack foods and coffee to keep me going through the evening, let's do this.

6 May 2012

Although I may not know all that much about it, I love art. I really regret giving up the subject so young on account of not being able to draw. As much as illustration is wonderful and I completely envy those of you who do it well, I realise now that I could have continued and blossomed in other areas. Anyway, enough of me - I have a ton of friends who are still flourishing their artly skills at degree level and producing some really amazing work.

This amazing selection of skulls made were made by my very talented and beautiful friend Becky Sloss. The photos were taken at her final show for her first year at NUCA. I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of them over Easter and they look even more impressive close up, the attention to detail, the delicacy of each skull - the effort put in creating them is equalled by their merit. Now I may not be an art critic, and a little biased towards my bestie, but they're pretty cool right? The bronze one is my favourite, and if I could I'd buy it off her for a lot of money, I totally would - its completely worth it.

Love to my honey.

3 May 2012

Today at work I booked the weekend of this years Latitude festival off. A little hopeful, I know - especially as I'm still £400 short of my rent for next month, let alone having the cash to buy a ticket. But I have promised myself to stay optamistic as I'm so very desperate to go. The line-up is so perfect, it's as if somebody has delved into my head and pulled out a festival. Not only that but most of my closest friends from home will be going, so I know I'd have so much fun. It would be my first full festival and completely and utterly worth the £175.

I've been picking up extra shifts at work wherever I can to save up for everything I'm meaning to do. I figure if I have to save up a ridiculous amount of money for rent anyway, I may as well save some more and have a bit of fun. Latitude & a couple of little holidays would be the perfect way to cope with another summer of work.