28 March 2012

Spending this evening planning our first radio show which we'll be recording tomorrow evening. I'm not too nervous yet although I'm sure I'll be positively terrified as soon as we get into the studio and will make a huge mess of everything. Fingers crossed the podcast will be ready for your listening pleasure by the weekend. Then my project for the Easter holiday will be to get the blog, twitter and all of that sort of business up and running. I love sinking my teeth into something new and exciting! Hopefully you'll all love it.

Also, I know its barely even a milestone, but I've just hit 50 followers ♡ Thank you all so much, its really heartwarming to know people read all the rubbish that I write. I know a lot of you are fashion bloggers too so  I'll try to get some more outfit posts up soon.

27 March 2012

Last night Sophie and I dressed as Clowns for a "C" themed birthday night out. 

The costumes were loads of fun but I can safely say that I'm not a fan of DQ on a Monday night, the queues were silly, the crowd were unpleasant and we ended up leaving really early (most unlike Sophie and I). Luckily the night was saved by having a nice time beforehand at the Nursery Tavern and afterwards heading back to Sophie's flat armed with oven pizza, mushrooms and cigarettes. Who needs take-away food when you have a 24 hour Spar just down the road! 

You can't see too well but I sprayed the tips of my fringe green and actually really liked it. Very 90s. I might have to invest in some hair mascara and make it an every day look!

25 March 2012

Lots of tetris, a wonderful veggie friendly roast dinner and my first viewing of Avatar. Lazy Sunday.
There would be more images but my internet is testing my patience.

24 March 2012

I feel a bit of a wardrobe overhaul is in order. Free listing on ebay all weekend means tomorrow will be spent sorting through all of the things I no longer wear hoping to send them off to new homes. I've never actually sold anything on ebay so I'm sure it's going to be super exciting. If I manage to get any little bits and pieces of cash I'm tempted to put it all back into ebay, I've spent many hours this week browsing through, wishing that I could afford to put some bids down.

Also I have a lottery ticket for tonight so my fingers are crossed that we hit the jackpot. I could really use a holiday, lots of new things and tickets to a handful of festivals this summer. I realise it isn't very likely that I'll win, but a girl can dream. Plus I'm always so damn unlucky I can only hope that one day my luck will all come at once and I'll become a millionaire. For now, off for a quick shift at work. It may not bring me my millions but its enough to get by.

23 March 2012

Today was deadline day for two of my module assignments, hence being AWOL again all week. I'm pretty much a pro at leaving uni work until the last minute, staying awake for about three days and surviving pretty much on cans of monster and sugary snacks. I handed in a very dull 2,000 word essay on 18th Century Literature, then a handful of acedemic resource reviews. Next on my agenda is three short stories which are bound to be way more fun, in fact, if I'm pleased with any of them I might even post a little preview in an attempt to make my self a little less self concious about my writing.

In other news I'm now officially a member of the ShuSound society and will be starting up a radio show next week. We've got some big plans lined up for it, maybe extending to a blog/e-mag if things go well, but I don't want to jinx things. I'll keep you updated on those plans too.

14 March 2012

The past few days I've been lapping up the sun for all its worth. I went on another adventure yesterday, this time with Sophie, where we got completely lost and laughed our heads off as we desperately scrambled up steep hills in skirts and completely inappropriate shoes for the occasion. Next time we head out we'll be in correct adventure boys attire. Today, after another terrible lecture on 18th centure literature, Nathan and I took a trip around town. We stopped off at my favourite bar, Bungalows & Bears for flatbread, and picked up a few bits and pieces that we needed/wanted. I came home with a pair of fishnet tights, a CD for mother's day, two magazines and a carton of raspberry ribena (the very best flavour). I also decided to leap into the 21st century and try out ebay and man am I hooked! I've not actually won anything yet but I'm still learning the tricks of the trade. I think that tomorrow I'm going to make my very own account and list some items that need a new home, I'll post up a link as soon as that's all up and running. Look at me starting to use lookbook and ebay like a real blogger!

11 March 2012

Although both Nathan and I are quite behind on our work and have a million and one things we should be doing today, we decided it would be a much better idea to grab a slush puppy and head up to the park close to our house. We brought along a small picnic of root vegetable crisps, german jaffa cakes and peach sparkling water and sat in the sun for a few hours. It made a pleasant change not to have to think about a jacket. I took out my camera and as usual took a ton of silly photographs of him, us and the beautiful sunlit park. He took a few snaps of me too so I finally got my act together and set up my LOOKBOOK. Once I've gotten the hang of it I'm sure I'll post up outfits regularly - showcase my crazy eclectic style.

10 March 2012

Remember a while back I mentioned a feature that I spent absolutely ages writing? Well today it made its way into the new issue of Silhoutte, a fashion, arts and culture e-magazine. It's a nice little read and is getting bigger and better with each issue - you should definitely all check it out and show your support!

You can find my article and flick through the mag here or check out the website to see past issues and all the other fancy stuff they have to offer at Silhoutte Magazine. Plus they're always looking for contributors so get involved, I think the next issue's theme is Monochrome.

7 March 2012

Today I had the worst seminar, followed by the best salad I've had in a long time. I then sent some important e-mails, played on the xbox and made some sticky golden syrup flapjacks which were packed full of calories, but extra delicious. Tomorrow I’m in all day doing lots of uni work so I’ll no doubt be distracting myself with lots of social networking & blogging. As for this evening I'm going to make some more tea and continue to watch bad TV in the company of some of my besties.

4 March 2012

 Francois & Totoro



Thought I'd briefly share my babies with you all as I'm always banging on about them. Aren't they all to die for?

After a hectic few weeks, filled with almost nothing I finally feel like I can catch a moments breath. Nathan got his bursary a few weeks back so we've had the freedom to spend a little money which has been nice, treating ourselves to good food, adventures and the occasional gift. We have two new little editions to our family too, a pair of Russian Roborovski hamsters named Francois and Totoro (Sophie and I named them, as they're hers too). They're teeny tiny and super jumpy and quick so I haven't managed to get any successful snaps yet but as I have to clean the cage later I'll try then. I was also bought my first pair of "skaters-girlfriend" shoes: Nike SB Janoskis. I'd forgotten how comfortable this kind of footwear is after the pains of docs, creepers and brogues. I'm not usually the sports-wear type but they're a nice change from your average Vans and heck, they were free. I also bought myself a box hair-dye from a pound shop, which practically did nothing. Ever so tempted to go dark again, but with Summer approaching maybe I'll wait a while.


1 March 2012

I joined back up to lovefilm just before christmas last year and in our most recent disc we were sent a little coupon for a free graze box. You obviously have to sign up and pop in all of your details and such but after recieving our first we're definitely not planning to cancel any time soon. The perfect accompaniment to an afternoon film, you get four little pots of fairly healthy treats to "graze". This week we were spoilt with black pepper pistachio nuts, apple and cinnamon flapjack, korean chilli rice crackers and copacabana; brazil nuts with dark and milk chocolate drops. Each of them amazing we gobbled them up and rated them online so that they know whether to send them again soon or not. The site has some great features including vegan and super-healthy options. You also get to take off anything that you know you don't like or want, it's all catered to you. If anybody wants a free box of their own to try it out just shout up, I have a few voucher codes to give out. If you take it I either get a pound off of my next box, or donate a pound to the graze school of farming, which is the most adorable charitable idea (I'll be doing the latter, so you can feel good for helping out too!) Can't wait for our next box to come through! I took the photo after we'd already started tucking in, they don't send you empty shells, don't worry.