30 November 2012

Last night I went to see Band of Skulls play at The Leadmill, and my was it fun. I absolutely love live music, and although I'm usually too broke to get to many, I've had this one planned since the summer and have been looking forward to it since then. I've seen them play before, supporting The Black Keys at Nottingham Arena, and it was an absolute thrill to see them somewhere a little more intimate, headlining the stage themselves. They played all of my favourites from both of their albums, and looked absolutely bad-ass as always. I have the worst habit of falling hopelessly in love with anybody on the stage in front of me, and true to form, I now have a huge crush on Russell, and miniature ones on Matt and Emma. Amazing set, amazing show, ten out of ten BOS.

 Today is being spent tidying and sorting before work at 8. I'm actually really excited to get my bedroom fixed up as its starting to look really cute, with fairy lights and the like. I'll take some pictures once it's done later.

Best Friend Love.


26 November 2012

I finally have a working laptop, and just in time too, as things are starting to pick up with university work and personal side projects. I keep attempting to find time to sort out the layout of my blog, but I seem to be totally blogger illiterate, if anybody has any tips for me that would be amazing.

I haven't written for so long, that once again I have a thousand and one things to update you on, but everything generally has been really good, other than the fact that I've run desperately out of money (January loans cannot come quick enough!) 

Here are a couple of sneaky snaps of me at Propaganda on Friday, with two of my favourite baby girls. Joseph Gilgun (Woody from This Is England) was DJing and although I held his hand for a split second, he didn't fall desperately in love with me, so the night wasn't all that I'd hoped for and more. Also I had that horrible third year feeling that I'm getting old on account of 18 year old Freshers running about the place and trying to dance with me. Nobody got time for that!

Coloured shades are always a good move in night clubs I find.

Fingers crossed you'll be hearing much more from me in the near future.