29 February 2012

Can't wait to get my hands on this album once I've been paid on Saturday.

20 February 2012

My oh my, hasn't this week flown by. It's been one of those where you feel incredibly busy, but when you think over what you've done, there isn't a whole lot to tell. I've once again eaten too much, drank too often and spent most of my time in bed, but that seems to be how my february is panning out. Corporation was lots of fun on Monday night, minus a few hiccups. I woke up the next morning, smothered in lipstick, recalling all of the super gay declarations of love that Sophie and I had been sharing and regretting tipping a double vodka into a purple pint (3 shots of vodka filled with an alcopop).

The highlight of my week, however, was definitely the visit from my parents on Thursday. We spent the day in and out of caf├ęs, browsing the shops and catching up. As usual they spent way too much money spoiling me (and Nathan), our stomachs filled, our cupboards stocked, they even treated me to a new pair of Creepers, eeeeee. I've barely taken them off, they're the best things ever. We spent the evening in the pub where I work as I had a few drinks behind the bar and Dad could watch the United match. I'm going to end up a football fan from this job, I swear! The weekend brought work, and another visitor from home so I'm still super behind with all of my uni work and in desperate need to clean up my act. Less than an hour until I'm back at work so I'm gonna drink up my monster, fix my hair and head out.

13 February 2012

 Cow Tie-dye Crop Top, Miss Selfridge Skirt, Past Times Necklace, Garage Wedges

In hindsight the dark contrast on these photos don't do a whole lot of justice to the outfit, but oh well, learning curve. Apologies for the bears in the corner, what can I say, I'm a big kid at heart! Off out to Corperation tonight as the final chapter in Nathan's birthday saga. My make up is sure to be all over my face by the time we leave, but at least I'll have made an effort. Heels in Corp is always a worry too but these wedges are not only sturdy but they were cheap and I've already ruined them. They're definitely my go to shoes when I need a bit of height. I haven't worn a skirt of this length on a night out before either but again, this bargain of a beauty (£7 in the January sales, thank you Mummy) needs its night time debut.

My ombre hair is really starting to take shape now too, rather than just looking like terrible roots. I spent most of last year bleaching my hair up to white blonde from an almost black colour. In the process I destroyed my hair, so after a while I stopped and ended up with some really grungey roots, which I definitely couldn't pull off. I decided to go back to my natural colour, or there abouts, but the part which I'd bleached lifted leaving me like this. My original thought was to keep dying it dark but as well as my hair needing a well deserved break from being coloured, two-toned hair is so in right now it would seem rude not to leave it! It still looks a bit of a mess from behind, due to my ever changing parting and layers, but it'll get there eventually.

12 February 2012

I gotta lot of lovin'. I gotta lot of lovin'.
I gotta lot of love in my heart. 

Feature is almost finished, then it's time to bathe until I'm covered in wrinkles and read a children's story ready for my 9am lecture. Happy Sunday all
As my Valentine and I are terribly poor this year I decided to compile a wishlist of unrealistic goodies that my rich, prince charming could potentially send me. If you're out there Mr. Right, don't hesitate to get in touch and shower me with gifts.

1) Empty Casket Necklace
2) MAC lipstick
3) Abs Trimmer
4) Lush Do Knot Disturb Set
5) Krispy Kremes
6) Blues Funeral
7) Substitute Club Spike
8) Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike
9) Boy London Vest

I'm not 100% sure which shade of scarlet to pick on the lipstick front, and all of the Empty Casket jewellery is beautiful. The raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake Krispy Kreme looks like heaven and either pair of those beautiful spiked shoes would make me the happiest girl in the world. Also the entirety of the ASOS trend, teen spirit needs to be in my wardrobe/bedroom.

Realistically, I'll be happy if I get a card and perhaps even a handful of flowers come Tuesday. We'll probably spend the evening in, watching films, drinking wine and eating home cooked food or a nasty take away - its what we do best. I also plan on going for an Italian with my other Valentine sometime soon, when I can afford to spoil her. BFF love.

11 February 2012

It's taken six months but I've finally unpacked and tidied up my bedroom in my little student house, and I love it. I'm up in the attic - a childhood dream, and although it isn't perfectly furnished, I've made my best attempt at making it homely with knick knacks and clutter. The photos are of my favourite little shelf. A little silly that I unpack just as we sign for our new house but I'm glad I get to spend some time up here, and I'm sure my room in the new pad will be just as pretty. Plus we have that spare room which I am dying to fill with antique furniture, old photo frames, mirrors and other delights I can find in various charity shops. The boys are voting games room but I'm sure I can persuade them otherwise. I reckon if I'd have chosen a different career path I'd have made a mean interior designer, it's definitely a secret passion of mine. I'm not sure how much a degree in English would help me though! I'll probably just stick to writing for now. Speaking of which,I have a feature to get finished.

9 February 2012

Hello, I just straightened my hair.

Been rushed off of my feet since my last post, busying about trying to make my boyfriend's birthday as enjoyable as possible on a very tight budget. I'm officially now out of cash and pretty much screwed when it comes to money, but I'm sure everything will work itself out. To summarise quickly, Black Keys were amazing, the two nights out were loads of fun, I've eaten so much rubbish that I'm in desperate need of a detox/diet & all in all Nathan had a lovely 21st. Today we skipped across to Meadowhall to pick up a "proper" present. He chose a pair of shoes (I swear that boy is worse than me when it comes to footwear) and a handful of games for his xbox. I saw a mountain of things that I wanted but managed to resist, I'll probably make a wishlist soon - topshop has some real treats in stock currently!

1 February 2012

Picked up the newest issue of Elle today, not always one of my favourite mags but how could I resist with Alexa gracing the cover. Flicking through her shoot makes me really tempted to snip myself a fringe back in, although I definitely don't pull it off the way she does. 

Some more great news greeted me today in the form of an overall 2:1 in my first semester, and finding our house for next year! Our little angular home in Hunters Bar, has me smitten, as well as securing "Fake Tales Of San Francisco" to loop around my mind forever more. I'm really looking forward to the move in July, just have to fight it out with Sophie in the meantime as to who gets the bigger attic room (its really pretty).

Tomorrow brings the start of my busy weekend, heading back to Nottingham for The Black Keys & Band of Skulls on Friday night, and probably a night out at Bopp. Then on to Huddersfield, depending on my finances, for Nathan's 21st birthday bash and back to Sheffield again early Sunday for a day shift at work. Super fun!