Update // #3

1 February 2017

My friends and I often speak about blogging, writing, making, crafting, using our creative minds in any way, shape or form. We discuss how we'd like to start this course, or get involved in that club, and of course how we'd like to expand on our online presence. We're itching to push ourselves a step or two outside of our comfort zones. We're searching for the right avenue to showcase our creative energy. We're certain that we're still finding our path to success and happiness; waiting for our true identities to emerge. I completely support myself and my friends in our quest to better ourselves. Perhaps its unrealistic to consider that life hasn't really begun yet, but I'm more than happy to believe that the first 25 years of my life have been a period of trial and testing. I'm also happy to accept that I have more trialling and more testing to come, before I feel as though I've truly found the boots that fit. The number of times I've had to re-introduce myself and my blog is quite ridiculous.

At this point, I'm pretty certain that the only people reading this will be a handful of close friends, and my future self in a moment of nostalgia. For the latter of the two, this was the time when you decided (again) that it would be a good thing for your scrambled brains to return to the blogging realm. You promised yourself that you'd write honestly, and care as little as possible about anybody with any negativity towards what you might have to say. You were feeling vaguely optimistic towards your somewhat organised new approach to your finances, home and health, and figured that this could be a great time to write - the one thing you've always felt creative passion towards. It took you two days to create this tiny blog post, due to your usual over-analysing. You still didn't like the way that it looked when you were ready to publish, but you just thought, fuck it.

 Once again I've abandoned my blog for almost a whole year, and once again I'm going to attempt to change that, and use this blog like I used to back in my undergraduate days. In fact - no - better than that. My belated new year's resolution isn't just to be as good as I once might have been, but to be an even better version. So here's to the best damn version of Kindly Treasures you have ever seen. I'll try to make it interesting, it would be lovely to hear from you - if anybody is out there.

Peace and love, love and light.

Snow over Foolow

25 February 2016

Although we didn't quite get the white Christmas we had hoped for, and we haven't had quite enough snow to warrant a day off work - there have been a few photo opportunities in our beautiful little hamlet. Moving house in Winter was always going to be a challenge, but at least it's pretty. This time next year we'll be better prepared with wellies, thermals, and big toasty coats and make sure we fit in a bit better with the neighbours - safe to say we got a few strange looks as we ran out in our pyjamas to take snaps of our snow-coated home.

Still have my fingers crossed as tightly as I can, that maybe we're still due one last downpour, and we'll finally have a valid excuse to skip work and spend the day drinking hot drinks, watching films and enjoying the snow settling over all of the houses and the trees. Kyle's little classic car surely has to do us some good at some point, and guarantee that we won't be able to make it out of the peaks. It's a good job she's such a good looking little thing, or I'd have had to set her on fire by now.

The slight dusting of wintery delight on our car this morning has got me feeling hopeful at least.

Update // #2

18 February 2016

the winter commute

It seems unbelievable that we moved into our new home three months ago now. If life is teaching me anything, it's how time continues to pick up the pace, and fly by. We've managed to make it comfortable and get pretty settled in, but there's still so much more we want and need to do to finish it all up. I've also had a few issues setting up on-line, as you can probably imagine, which has meant a delay on the pretty pictures of the move in motion. The strength of the internet doesn't tend to be a perk of living in the middle of the glorious countryside - but we make it work (even if we are self-confessed instagram addicts). As always, my goal will be to become a more reliable writer - spend less time watching come dine with me, and more time exercising my fingertips.

This evening I'm tucked up in bed blogging by the light of our oversized glitter-lamp, and watching Leo break my heart in Romeo + Juliet as I cradle my poorly tummy. God, I love this film. Fingers crossed I'll manage to line up a couple of posts for the next few days. Peace and love.

Escape to the Country

26 November 2015

One week tomorrow, Kyle and I pick up the keys for our new place out in the Peak District. We're not quite ready to hop up onto the property ladder just yet, but since we've got a couple of years of paying off debts and saving to do, we figured we may as well do it with a view. Our new cottage is picture perfect. I've always wanted a home this adorable, but I definitely didn't think it would be something that would happen any time soon. It's a little bit scary, and it'll definitely test my anxious nature as so much will change, but I'm really looking forward to living in such a beautiful property (even if it is covered in really dated red carpets - rug donations are very welcome).

Apologies for the picture quality, this one is stolen from rightmove

So not only will I be moving into my first proper house, but I've also had somewhat of a promotion. It's only a temporary position, but it's more change - and in a time where I could probably do with things running smoothly and not changing dramatically. Luckily for me, the short term change in job also means a short term pay increase, which will be very useful to assist in the moving period. It may take a couple of months to really make the place our own, but I can't wait to get there. 

Fingers crossed we'll manage to at least stretch to a few bottles of mulled wine and some twinkly fairy lights for the festive season. I can't wait to get a handful of friends round to show off our beautiful love nest, and take lots of photographs of Hope Valley in the snow. Let's just hope that the snowy season starts once we've moved in safely!

Keep checking in for more about our big move, peace and love.

Update // #1

18 May 2015

It's been almost a year and a half since I last posted so as you can imagine, it's tricky to know where to start in terms of an update. For my own peace of mind, and another new beginning, I'll write a short introduction to my life as it stands currently.

Since finishing my degree a couple of summers ago I've had my head in the clouds, desperately searching for direction. I work in admin - there's really no need to go further than that, as that's how little I care. In all honesty, it's not a bad position and I'm paid reasonably well, it's just not what I want to be doing. The reason I don't search harder for a new job is that right now I need to focus on earning and saving as I am riddled with debt and have huge plans for the next few years. Plus I work with a bunch of absolute sweethearts.

I rent a flat with my best friend, boyfriend and three bunnies. Sophie and I have had the place for over a year now, and Kyle has been with us a little over 6 months. It's nothing fancy, but when it's clean, it's pretty lovely. Sophie is currently living in Italy, wrestling with children and learning the lingo which means rent is high and money is even tighter at the minute, but it's been quite therapeutic acting like a real grown up with the better half - even if I have probably been driving him a little mad.

I feel that one of the only ways I've ever known how to keep myself relatively sane is to write, so I'm going to attempt to put my hand back to blogging, with a little encouragement from loved ones, as ever. For now, I make no promises about what's to be expected - we'll take it as it comes.