31 January 2013


I've been encouraged by several people to start blogging properly again, and on account of being so pleasantly overwhelmed that I do have regular readers I've decided to transform the blog into something that I love. From now on expect less here is me in a nice new jumper and what I ate for dinner, and more actual content. Don't get me wrong, if I have a nice new jumper I'll still show it to you, but it'll be more interesting I hope. 

I was asked very recently by my handsome friend Ben Waterfall, why I broadcast my life on the internet. He is very observant, I'm completely wired in to all of the social networking delights and I'll soon be running two blogs - a PR wet dream. It's not because I think I have anything particularly interesting to give to the universe, or that anybody will be captivated by my incredibly average life, it just sort of happened. When I started university I had a Tumblr, which I knew that all of my friends back home checked up on, to see what I was up to and how my life was getting on, but as I'm a writer at heart I wasn't satisfied by just re-blogging photographs of cats, and I can only assume my other followers were getting pretty sick of my wordy posts. I set up kindlytreasures as a sort of continuation of the half-diary, half-things that I've found on the internet and an excuse to write more. Inevitably I fell into the standard uninteresting fashion and lifestyle posts, rather than actually writing anything that I cared about. This isn't to say that I don't like fashion blogs, I follow a whole bunch of really interesting blogs but mine just felt like a mash-up of other people's. Like I hadn't really found my own path. As a self confessed writing addict, I love to blog and now that I'm set on fixing this up real pretty I hope to make this something decent. To the followers I have gained through this strange process of switching between all different styles of blogging, stick around, see if you like the new feel, and if it isn't for you I won't be too offended. And for all you adorable Fashion bloggers, I'll still be showing off my eBay purchases and 90s obsession on a regular.

I hope you all enjoy the "improved" kindlytreasures.


19 January 2013

Semester 1 done. Finally all handed in and ready to relax for a week before I'm back at uni for the last time.

Spent all of Wednesday procrastinating with Sophie, then had a mad rush all through the night getting it finished.  We took a tonne of silly webcam photos, went for lunch at Nero, cried all of our make-up off giggling at everything and successfully wrote nothing at all during the day, rebels right?


 Thursday then turned out to be the most perfect day I've had in a long while. After not a wink of sleep I strolled the dark empty streets back to the Library to get it all handed in. Everybody is really friendly in the early morning, I think there is some kind of mutual respect for anybody who is up and out of the house before 7am. After gathering coffees for my sleepy friends who were struggling through the traumas of a hand in, I was back home by midday.

The rest of the day brought cleaning, finding my lost keys, fixing an interview with a local band, finding my leather jacket and big cuddly jumper, dolling myself up, stealing Sophie's hat and going for a few drinks too many at a local pub. Things got a little messy after the shots began but what I remember of the night was brilliant. I woke up covered in glitter and scratched and spent the day being reminded of the things I had done the night before. This  included maiming myself and Sophie with a piece of broken glass so that we could be "Graze Brothers", doing a lot of shouting then cuddling and of course announcing my eternal love for Sophie a million times over, I am truly a psychotic friend. Couldn't have asked for better company for the night, loads of cuddles and kisses to Sophie, Ben and Jack.


15 January 2013

 Hat, Shirt and Crop Tee - Urban Outfitters | Jeans - H&M | Litas - Jeffrey Cambell

 Today I have to write a 3000 word essay if I want to get over to Kettering tomorrow to visit my adorable friend Dan. I hate being put under pressure, although it does usually make me get the job done, and no worse than when I put more time and effort into a piece. Or maybe I'm just telling myself that to make me feel better about leaving everything until the last minute?

Procrastinating in every way physically possible, I've tidied a little, straightened my hair, written a submission for my friend's website which I'll link when it's posted, pottered around in my Litas, drank 100 cups of coffee, and taken photographs of myself. Self indulgent way to pass the time, but anything is better than a Victorian Literature assignment.


13 January 2013

Quick trip to Huddersfield over the last couple of days brought lots of adorable animals, cuddles, Quentin Tarantino,  rushed writing, VKs at midday, getting the giggles to Gnomeo and Juliet, a ridiculous amount of food, bubble baths and the worst apple sours in the world.

Thank you for having me Nathan (and Tomsk the kitten). Always a pleasure


10 January 2013

2013 is going to be an absolutely crazy one. My whole life is going to change dramatically in the summer when I finish my degree and step into the real world. It's 100% the most scary and crazy thing I'm ever going to have done. Most of my resolutions this year kind of revolve around that - sorting my life out, making big decisions, but I also want to live the next six months of my life to the absolute maximum. I'm going to do more, and do it harder, before I have to settle into reality.

Some of my favourite things that I'd like to do this year include:
learn to drive - join/start a band - take a holiday - get lost somewhere - start dancing again
look for internships - get an expensive new tattoo - take more photographs

I also want to try to go to some kind of live music event and the cinema once a month at the very very least.

For now, with the spirit of actually wanting to pass this god forsaken degree, I must return to my experimental writing portfolio which is due in tomorrow. 3000 words of weird, abstract poetry/prose, alongside another 1000 words of evaluation explaining all of the nonsense, it's torture. Good luck to all those of you who too, are up to your eyes in deadlines, we'll get through it!


8 January 2013

Today was always going to be a busy one as it's my last day in Nottingham for a little while - I'm heading back to the Steel City to wrestle with word-counts and deadlines, before I start my final semester of university. I am absolutely, utterly terrified, but I plan to make the most of it and enjoy it while it lasts!

Anyway, I've spent most of the day spending, which has definitely put a temporary smile on my face.
I met up with my doll-faced blonde bestie to finally put a plan that we've been mustering up for about five years, into action, and we at long last got matching tattoos. I have a small collection now, but this was her first, so it was all nerves and excitement as we manically looked for somewhere that did walk-ins, settling on the very shady, "Danny's" for Nottingham creatures who may have heard of it. Despite all the signs telling us that it was a terrible idea, we went ahead and did it, and got the most adorable little wine glasses to sum up our often wine-fueled friendship.

Mine is the bloody, slightly above ankle one - I'm still very much in love with the idea of a pair of sleeves one day, so it may have eventually been in the way.

Once Christie had left, I went a spent some more money on a jazzy new haircut, which I have been meaning to get around to for so long. After I bleached the shit out of, and destroyed my hair a couple of years ago, I really struggle to keep it in good condition, but they did a mighty fine job. Short-ish fringe, and a good few inches off the ends, I'm like a brand new woman.

Feeling flush, extravagant and pumped from my new image, I had a little root through the new Dr. Martens store, which is full to the brim with treats. I couldn't resist this pair of shiny buckled shoes which had been reduced down to £70 - still pretty pricey, but for a good quality shoes, an absolute steal. I haven't taken them off my feet since I got them home and my baby girl helped me unwrap them. I'm seriously going to miss my cat being around when I get back to Sheffield, which I'll be doing in just a few hours. Bye for now Nottingham <3


Kisses XOX


7 January 2013

Hello there ladies (and gentlemen), my most genuine and sincere apologies for once again bailing out on being a good blogger, but it's a New Year now, and I have honorable intentions to raise kindlytreasures out of the ashes, with a fresh new take. I considered starting over, but I'd lose all of you beautiful followers, so I'm just going to stick with it, make some pretty new changes and keep you all interested. No more empty promises, I promise.

A big Happy New Year, to you all. I hope you all celebrated in style. 

Dress - Wild Clothing // Boots+Choker+Shag Bands - eBay // Fishnets - New Look

For me NYE calls for my annual family party at my Auntie Joy's house in Dorset, where we all drink a lot of cocktails, get a little silly and do a lot of dancing and singing along to "Lilly The Pink", which has become some kind of strange family anthem. This year proved no different and I was drunk on red wine and Harvey Wall-bangers by about 9pm. We saw in 2013 with hugs, kisses and a slurred Auld Lang Syne, and as expected, it was perfect.

There was also a strangely large amount of inflatable penis action - don't even ask, and as usual my cousin had his home-made bar out to tempt us all to mix our drinks. It's more than fair to say my head was a little fuzzy the next morning!

I hope you all had an excellent night also. I know we're a week in but I haven't actually made any resolutions yet, I'm definitely going to have a think about them and post them up really soon.