21 June 2012

A quick post before I dash off to catch a coach to London, and then later one to the Isle of Wight.

I'm working, so I won't be able to pick and choose which bands I can see - other than to beg for a break or to be let off early. My hot picks are Lana Del Rey in the big top, The Pierces on the Garden Stage and of course, Saturday's headliners, Pearl Jam. I'll tell you all about it when I'm home!

14 June 2012

 Three of my favourite things about being home alone are, lazing around in my knickers, talking to myself and exersising without anybody else around to see how unfit I am. So this afternoon I decided to act on the latter, tossing my hair into quick plaits and putting my amazing cycle shorts to some use. I bought them from COW Vintage a couple of months back with every intention to join the gym, but as I'm still poor I'm having to make do with my own home regime. I used to take limbering classes, back when I was a dancer, so I've decided to start trying to get my flexibilty back and use some of those exercises.

I wanted to buy a giant over sized 70s print vest to go with these vibrant lycras, but for now stealing a plain one from the fella will have to do. I believe it's from H&M, one of my favourite things to borrow as it's super soft and fits just the way I want it to.

 Later I plan to do another twenty minutes or so of flex, watch the euros, and read some more. I'm about half way through Jack Kerouac's On The Road and it's brilliant. Anybody who likes travel writing, or has the remotest dream of seeing America should definitely pick it up.

13 June 2012

Spent yesterday in York, catching up with the bff. Everything has gotten really hectic since uni broke up, even though I'm not actually working that many hours. I know how badly I need a second job but finding the time to actually look for one is proving more difficult that imagined. She, however, is doing 40 hour weeks in Whitby, so it was nice to be able to catch up and do a bit of shopping. She bought a pair of creepers some great Joplin style sungalsses and some benefit foundation, while I stuck to gazing into shop windows and trying on litas - super jealous, but she is working harder than I am.

We stopped at the most adorable tea room, although one of the waitresses took an immediate disliking to us, I don't think they often get "youths" in there. The intention was to also have a bite to eat later on, but time got the better of us so we're saving that for our next date.

My rent for the new house comes out one week today, and I am completely dreading it - I'm going to have to borrow some extra cash from my parents then be in their debt along with my bank and student finance. Everything is so damn expensive, I really wish money just fell from the sky. I've posted my first four sold ebay items so I should see the money from that really soon and then I'll list some more, I can see myself getting hooked! I do need to shake off some stuff, and as I'm starting to pack up this little house now, I'm getting a chance to see quite how much rubbish I have, that could potentially become another person's treasure.

8 June 2012

Wednesday with my parents and brother, was absolutely wonderful. I met them at Meadowhall, still one of my very favourite places, regardless of the fact that the novelty factor has worn off now, living so close. We started out in the huge food court, where I had a jacket potato covered in mushroom and spinach korma - amazing. We then spent some quality family shopping time, scowering the best shops that South Yorkshire has to offer. And as if Meadowhall wasn't already fantastic enough, it now has my favourite high street store in the whole world, Urban Outfitters. The "coming soon" sign has been tempting me for months and months so when I saw that it was actually open, I practically ran through the doors! I literally could have spent a million pounds in there, but as I'm stoney broke I prepared myself to leave the store empty handed - though this was not the case! My absolutely fabulous mother treated me to a pair of summer shoes, shades and this pretty printed shirt. I also picked up the Barry M lip paint that I'm wearing above, it's shade 100. I've been looking for a baby pink colour for a while and I finally made a decision on that one. After we were all stocked up on goodies, we headed back to the house, via my work for a couple of drinks and the local chinese take-away for food. Always sad when they leave but we have a day trip to the dales planned for Sunday already, so I won't have to miss them too much.

 Can't wait for the sunshine to come back out so I can wear these out!

The battery on my Canon has died and for the life of me I don't remember what I've done with the charger so yesterday's look comes from my rubbish Fujifilm - you can desperately tell. It was also pouring down with rain at the time so all in all, it's not brilliant. Today the only productive thing I've managed so far is to bake a rice pudding (which is amazing), so I think I'm going to get started on packing. Can't believe how soon I'm moving into the new place!

7 June 2012


 Check out the rest of the images from this amazing online vintage store's LookBook here.

5 June 2012

Despite the weather turning from bad to worse, I've been feeling pretty summery today - or more to the point, festival-y. It's not really a very special or inspiring outfit but it catered for my mood! It's only two weeks until I work Isle Of Wight, then another couple until T in the Park and although Latitude is now sadly off the cards, I still have my hopes on going to at least one, on the right side of the bar. 

I've lost my ebay selling virginity today and listed 5 items, eee exciting. Feel free to check them out here;
If these all go well then I'll spend next week throwing my whole wardrobe online.

Tomorrow Mami and Papi are coming over to Sheffield, I think we're headed for a bit of shopping at Meadowhall and hopefully something tasty to eat. For now I have a cup of tea and a space on the sofa with my name on them, ready to snuggle up and watch Rango, we're such kids.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be saving. But tell me how I was supposed to resist an offer like a student plus one membership to the showroom cinema for only £40. I love independent cinemas, and I'm very lucky here in Sheffield to have a brilliant one.

My membership means £1 off every ticket, points which add up to free tickets, 10% discount on food at the bar and loads of other treats that crop up every now and again. The plus one part basically means that I can take somebody else along with me who gets the same loyalties. And as I don't often go to the cinema alone I figured that would be handy - plus it saved me having to buy Nathan his own membership! You also get two free tickets for signing up so we used them up on The Angels' Share, a Ken Loach film which I fell in love with when I watched the trailer. It sure didn't disappoint.

I actually caught the trailer at another fantastic film I saw recently, Moonrise Kingdom from the director of Fantastic Mr Fox, Wes Anderson. Another brilliantly heartwarming film, I definitely suggest that if you have the chance you should go and watch them both.

I'm hoping that now I'm a member, or a "Soulmate" as it's called (adorable), I'm hoping I'll treat myself to cinema trips much more frequently and get to watch plenty more films like these. There is definitely something magical about catching a film at the cinema, such a luxury. Saying that, my DVD collection is forever growing and I don't think my habit of picking up desperately cheap films is going to stop anytime soon. 

Also if you follow my twitter you may have caught the next thing I am desperate to catch at Showroom. 
I need to book really quickly if I want to go and see it as they're almost sold out now. A little more expensive than your usual film but what an idea! I'd love to see both showings, to compare how they do each role. I love it so much as it toys with the idea of who is really the monster, one of the main themes I picked up from the novel. Both brilliant actors too so I'm sure it'll be amazing. If I do miss it, I'll be praying that they bring it out on DVD super fast!

4 June 2012

Happy Jubilee to you all!
I haven't actually been to any jubilee themed events, as I've been busy working all weekend, but I decided I'd get a little into the spirit with my red, white and blue outfit. I'm intending to litter my lookbook this week so you'll get to see lots of photos of my very limited wardrobe.

I've never even been any good at painting my nails, let alone fancy nail art, but I thought I'd give it an effort. Smudgy and messy, but not bad to say I have no nail art pens and hands as shakey as an alcoholic. The blouse I'm wearing is the one I won on ebay recently - I love it so much as there is loads you can do with it and it's really summery and light. Fingers crossed the sunshine will come back out soon and I'll need it to cover my sunburnt shoulders once again.

I borrowed both the red nail varnish and shoes from my housemate Amy, who's birthday it is today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!! I hope she doesn't mind me prancing about in her wedges, but I thought it would complete my jubilee look as I don't tend to wear anything red usually - other than lipstick. You can tell they are a bit big, I look like I'm trying to walk around in Mummy's heels when I wear them. Also the photos show off my most recent silly DIY tattoo, the little bow and arrow.  Nathan's tattoo gun came out to play whilst Jack and Sophie were over, and we spent a fun evening drinking and giggling. The boys got matching tattoos which me and Sophie intend to get eventually, once she's had a real one - I didn't want to do her very first tattoo! Nathan also went over the little dagger that he did last year, and managed to scratch me a good'un. They may be rubbish but I like that fact that they're super personal and will be with me forever, whatever happens.