18 December 2011

If I'm not in Sheffield where I go to university or at home in Nottingham, you can usually find me here - in Dorset. It's where both of my parents are from, where they grew up, met and fell in love. I have a pretty large extended family, and most of them still live around here, so we visit often. I've always felt that there is something magical about the South Coast - something that has always made me feel safe and warm.  I love being driven around listening to my parents as they reel off stories of their past and point out all of the places that mean or have ever meant something special to them. And all of the trips we take as a family, whether that just be a stroll along the beach front mid-winter, spending all of our change in the amusement arcades or exploring an area still unknown to us. Growing up I used to tell my family that I could never live here as I'd have nowhere so special to visit on holiday. Although that point still stands I often think that now that I'm older, and perhaps even a little wiser, that I probably could. The beaches, the quaint little cafes and shops, the fact that I'd be surrounded by relatives - there are definitely worse places I could settle.

It was my Nan's 80th yesterday. Happy birthday to her.


  1. Love this Tasha :) i wanted to stalk your blog after finally submitting a post i had as a draft from like 10 days ago. i love your love for Dorset.

    1. I just had a look at yours too, its lovely. We definitely need to get on top of our blogs!

      Love you xo