Motivation Zero

3 December 2013

Working a mindless office job in your early twenties is not for the faint of heart. Not because it is in any way taxing or difficult, but because the sensation of all future prospects of the dream career you had your heart set on during university slipping through your fingers is pretty bleak. With the new letters in your name still glistening like brand new, wet paint, the nine-to-five (or six-to-two, sigh) is the anti-award for all of the effort you put into that dissertation. Remember the late nights, the last minute panic attacks? Remember how it would all be worth it, just as soon as you finished the course and dived straight into the arms of your first choice vocation? At which point did I sign up for the unspecified number of months in a crap job which just about covers my extortionate rent?

Today has been a bit of a break down in terms of my plans for the future. I work with some of the most brilliant, inspiring and motivational girls that I've ever met, but occasionally their productivity has the complete adverse affect on me and brings me down. They all have grand ideas in motion for their careers and dreams while I seem to be stuck at square one, applying for internships & work experience in a field that is seemingly impossible to wedge your foot into the door of. After hours of moping, a little playing with my brand new baby bunny and a mug of mulled wine with my muses I have decided to get stuck into getting one of my many projects back in action. Classy Girls is a blogzine ran by myself and two of my best friends Sophie Gallagher and Amy Jayne Chessman (of disguisedbyzebras) which we set up around a year ago but had to put to one side due to university commitments. Now we've all settled into our terribly boring jobs-for-the-sake-of-money we have plenty of time and energy to invest into it, so check it out and keep an eye out for the updates, changes and new posts that will be flooding in, in the near future. Also check out the stuff we put up last year, there are a couple of decent reads there too.

This evening I'll be polishing up the article which I've sampled here to get the ball rolling. Welcome back to the internet Natasha.


  1. aw good for you to get out of the no-motivation bum!! I'll be checking that out, it looks fab! and don't worry, your life has only just started, you can go on all kinds of adventures <3 :) xo

    1. Thank you, keep your eye on it, we have some big Classy Girls adventures planned xo