21 August 2013

Hello. It's been an awful while since I last blogged. I'm aware I may have lost all readership by now but I've made the decision to continue blogging for my sanity as a writer, even if it's just for my close friends who I don't spend enough time catching up with to read. I'm making no false promises about regular posts or what is to come for kindlytreasures, I'll just decide as I go along.

Since I last posted my life has changed significantly. I've stepped into the real grown up world of juggling full time work, relationships, house keeping and trying to hold onto my passions. After a complete disaster of planning to move in with my best friend, I now rent my own flat in Sheffield. I'm slowly piecing things together to make it feel like home and now that I've finally installed the internet and re-joined the twenty-first century I can share my progress with anybody who cares to read. My new job requires a 4.30 AM alarm call which is a bit of a shock to the system but I enjoy it and I'm very grateful to all my wonderful new work friends who've welcomed me into their little family. Tired is certainly a feeling that I'm growing accustomed to. Everything seems a little unfamiliar and new right now, but it all seems to be falling into place and so far I think I've made the best decisions that I could have. There are definitely still huge aspects of my life that need sorting out, I have no concept of what the future holds right now, but I think that will come in time, once I've become completely comfortable with the right now.

I'll leave it there for now, with a short update post and a few photographs of my tired face. And don't worry, I haven't turned to heroin however much it may look like it.


  1. You have a little willy hidden in your pantaloons and sometimes it pops up and says bonjour I'm a little willy

  2. You are a total babe xx