Twenty-two in two

9 October 2013

My birthday has crept around again, which calls for another excuse to don our finest nineties attire and hit the town. Yes, I am perfectly aware we did the nineties last year but there is no better fancy dress theme in my opinion - it's basically just exaggerating my own style which is both super easy, and super fun.

Birthday celebrations start tomorrow with a family meal in Nottingham and will hopefully continue through to the following week. As well as the night out that I have planned with work, Sophie will be coming over from Whitby for the weekend which will make everything extra special. We're considering getting our first matching tattoo, in typical birthday fashion; I'm such a sucker for a tradition. I really didn't expect to get excited about turning 22 but this is turning out to be a lot of fun, and maybe even worth all of the money I've spent on accessories!

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