Update // #1

18 May 2015

It's been almost a year and a half since I last posted so as you can imagine, it's tricky to know where to start in terms of an update. For my own peace of mind, and another new beginning, I'll write a short introduction to my life as it stands currently.

Since finishing my degree a couple of summers ago I've had my head in the clouds, desperately searching for direction. I work in admin - there's really no need to go further than that, as that's how little I care. In all honesty, it's not a bad position and I'm paid reasonably well, it's just not what I want to be doing. The reason I don't search harder for a new job is that right now I need to focus on earning and saving as I am riddled with debt and have huge plans for the next few years. Plus I work with a bunch of absolute sweethearts.

I rent a flat with my best friend, boyfriend and three bunnies. Sophie and I have had the place for over a year now, and Kyle has been with us a little over 6 months. It's nothing fancy, but when it's clean, it's pretty lovely. Sophie is currently living in Italy, wrestling with children and learning the lingo which means rent is high and money is even tighter at the minute, but it's been quite therapeutic acting like a real grown up with the better half - even if I have probably been driving him a little mad.

I feel that one of the only ways I've ever known how to keep myself relatively sane is to write, so I'm going to attempt to put my hand back to blogging, with a little encouragement from loved ones, as ever. For now, I make no promises about what's to be expected - we'll take it as it comes.

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