Update // #2

18 February 2016

the winter commute

It seems unbelievable that we moved into our new home three months ago now. If life is teaching me anything, it's how time continues to pick up the pace, and fly by. We've managed to make it comfortable and get pretty settled in, but there's still so much more we want and need to do to finish it all up. I've also had a few issues setting up on-line, as you can probably imagine, which has meant a delay on the pretty pictures of the move in motion. The strength of the internet doesn't tend to be a perk of living in the middle of the glorious countryside - but we make it work (even if we are self-confessed instagram addicts). As always, my goal will be to become a more reliable writer - spend less time watching come dine with me, and more time exercising my fingertips.

This evening I'm tucked up in bed blogging by the light of our oversized glitter-lamp, and watching Leo break my heart in Romeo + Juliet as I cradle my poorly tummy. God, I love this film. Fingers crossed I'll manage to line up a couple of posts for the next few days. Peace and love.

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