18 April 2012

Finally got around to posting a new look. Had to show off my new favourite pair of shorts - don't you just love it when you find a pair that fit just right. Also if any of you are on lookbook I'd be more than happy to check yours out, I get a lot of my inspiration from browsing through and seeing how everybody else is dressing.

Only a quick post as I'm dashing off to buy hamster food, pick up my photos, grab a drink with Sophie and Nat, then head to Nottingham for Dan's leaving gig. </3


  1. I love your t-shirt and your so right about perfect fitting shorts! Love these ones I feel I need a black pair in my life X

  2. I'm on lookbook too if you wanna check it out :) www.lookbook.nu/maffin87

    by the way, love the shorts and the shoes!