19 April 2012

I've been meaning to post one of these for a while, and as I now have under 6 months before I turn 21, I figured it was about time.

21 Things to do before I'm 21

1) Get a piece of work published
2) Get a second job
3) Go to a festival
4) Get a new tattoo
5) Join the gym
6) Start yoga/pilates/some kind of excersise class
7) Visit Paris
8) Learn some kind of nail art
9) Get a first in a piece of work
10) Subscribe to a magazine
11) Get my guitar fixed and play more
12) Learn to play my harmonica properly
13) Sell some DIY items on ebay
14) Watch all films from the IMDb top 250
15) Revisit London
16) Buy a pair of roller skates
17) Get lost somewhere
18) Get our radio show off of the ground
19) Make my new house a home
20) Read "On the Road", and more novels for fun
21) Reach 100 followers on my blog

I'll keep you all posted on how I do/when I do one. Thought I'd cheat and put up one I've already done, but it gives me a little kick start. I think I'm allowed. Also the intention is to manage it again so we'll see what happens. I feel so inspired right now, I think I might write a story. Last night was incredible, there was some amazing talent at Tiki Sessions and the company was lovely. I've spent today in a big bubble, loving my life to pieces - I haven't felt this on top of the world in forever.


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful!

    Have fun turning 21! ;)

    Now a follower, please check me out at thefashionarmoire.blogspot.com


  2. Great list - I so need to do something like this. I recently sold something I DIY'd on eBay and it was such a great feeling!