12 June 2013


Today I start my five day stint of volunteering for the fantastic annual Sheffield Doc/Fest, a celebration of the arts here in the Steel City. This year is set to be absolutely brilliant with a tonne of exciting new films, documentaries and sessions filled with all of the up-and-coming important names in the industry. We're lucky enough to use the volunteer passes to our full advantage and catch as many of the showings as we'd like once we're off shift, so this evening I'll hopefully catch Pussy Riot - A Punk's Prayer after working a very exciting live event, The Big Melt directed by Martin Wallace and Sheffield super star Jarvis Cocker.

Look how exciting it is!

There is so much going on I'm going to spend the rest of my evening drawing up a schedule of what I want to catch for the rest of the week. The media partners this year are the absolutely brilliant Now Then Magazine (not biased, I swear) who have put together a great selection of what they reckon is worth catching:

And of course all of the details and full listings are on the official website:

I'll keep you up to date with what has been good and bad, and of course the intricate details of the love affair that Jarvis and I will inevitably begin.

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