1 September 2013

Got a set of disposables developed which went as far back as the Graduation ball, I really need to keep on top of my photographs. These snaps came from a lovely day spent at Sparth reservoir with Nathan and his friends in the height of the glorious weather we had this summer. We did some swimming, climbing and drank pear ciders, it was lots of fun and great to catch up. After living together for almost three years it's quite strange how little I see and speak to Nathan now, but I'm really glad that we're still in touch and try to arrange a fun day out when we have the time.

Today is my first day off in about a fortnight and although I have a hundred things to do, I'm enjoying a little R&R before the early morning starts resume tomorrow.
I may even squeeze in a couple of catch-up posts as I've been MIA from the online-sphere all summer.

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