30 September 2013

I've decided to give the blog a well deserved clean-up and start to use it properly as a demonstration of my writing as well as being an on-off diary to keep people updated on my life as a graduate. Due to work/social life commitments there may be a bit of a back-log on making the older posts fit the new layout, so if you do happen to be checking through old posts, please don't be too offended by the scruffy over-sized photographs - I will get around to it soon.

I can hardly believe that September has already come to an end. I'm sure I'll continue to repeat how fast this year has flown by - flicking through my old posts has made me very nostalgic and envious of the wonderfully lazy student life I led at the beginning of the year. Although things have changed enormously, I am beginning not only to settle into my current life-style, but to start making serious plans for the future, which will potentially shift and shape my life towards the way that I'd love it to be.

From here forth expect a more attentive blogger, appreciative of all comments and queries, always interested in your stories and grateful to hear feedback on my own. I might even add a few more jokes.

Playsuit - Cow | Choker - Twirly Trinkets on Etsy | Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss #001

Let me know what you make of the new layout, and thank you very much to Maira Gall from Adorable Designs for the hard work creating it. For the next couple of weeks I'm sure things will continue to shift around a little, with new pages and features added, so keep your eyes on the updated look. Thank you for your patience ever faithful readers, peace and love.

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