1 September 2013

My Tattoos

I have been meaning to show off my selection of body art for ages, every time I see a post about tattoos I'm reminded but I've finally managed to brave the awkward angles and share them with you. I have no doubts that I'll get more in the (hopefully near) future, but this is all I have managed to afford so far.

None of my tattoos have a great, deep meaning behind them, nor did I spend a long time planning them. But they all have some kind of story, just like anything else that belongs to you. The countless times that people will ask "What does that mean?" It's a peace sign, you work it out. People seem to have this pre-conception that all tattoos have to have to represent a difficulty that you've overcome, or some kind of tear jerking story that would earn you the right to be tattooed on Miami Ink. In my humble opinion you find the stories just come with the art.

I was eighteen when I got my first tattoo, in the summer before I went to university. I had been let loose on my savings account and I figured it was finally my chance to get a little something etched onto my skin. I decided what I wanted the night before and warned my parents in advance but I think they just assumed I wouldn't go through with it. When Mum got home from school the next day I threw my forearm, now decorated with a dove inside a peace sign, in her face to which she responded, "Please tell me that's not real". The dove was a little heavily shaded which has since given it its nickname of the Peace Pigeon, and sometimes I think maybe it was a little bit of a silly place for a first tattoo, but I don't regret it in the slightest and still love it now. My parents, in particular my Mum, don't see the appeal of tattoos at all, Mum insists that she sees it as self-harm and defacing her work of art. We've had the conversation so many times, where I tell her I just want her to understand that I'm not doing it in spite of her, I just think its an improvement on myself, just like losing weight or dying your hair. I don't think we will ever see eye to eye on it, but gradually she comes to terms with the fact that she can't change my mind.

The owl on my bicep was a Valentine's present from Nathan, impressive right? He wrote me an IOU in my card while I decided what I wanted then gave me the money when the big day arrived. It's my largest one and took a couple of hours. I don't believe anybody who says that they don't hurt, because they do, but its pretty bearable and completely worthwhile. I remember it being particularly painful close to my armpit on this one, but it numbed out for a while in the middle of the session. I chose the owl because I like owls. Deep, I know. I got the artist to redraw him a couple of times because I wanted the eyes to be the focus, and I chose them to be blue as it was really piercing and both my brother and ex (who paid for it) have bright blue eyes. Although I felt like a pain asking for him to re-draw it, I'm glad I did cause this is what I wanted, and I think he did a fantastic job in the end. I let him make all of the decisions about the shading and putting in the third eye, because he's the artist and I trusted him to make it look right. 

The Libra sign on my foot actually needs touching up as its faded a little where I have dry skin on my feet. I think zodiac is brilliant, I'm not sure whether I believe it or not but I think the traits of a Libra fit my personality and the scales are cute. I like tattoos to look a bit henna-esque and love the free hand swirls around this one. The writing just above my ankles is another Nathan related piece of work, this time because he actually tattooed it. By no means is he a tattoo artist, his dad just bought him a tattoo gun from eBay a while back. We weren't together when he tattooed, "Baby Doll" on me, a nickname that he used to call me, and I have no resentment towards it. Even if we weren't on speaking terms any more, he was still a huge part of my life that I won't forget, so I think its nice that I have that part of my life in art on my body. Even if it is a bit crap. He also did the faded little dagger that you can just about see below the wine glasses but that didn't take very well. 

The two wine glasses I got as a matching tattoo with one of my very best friends Christie. We had been saying we would do it since we were fifteen year old rebels, who were certain we'd get some kind of super cool lyrics. We finally settled on two little glasses of wine, as we're both wine drinkers and they look adorable. We considered getting it coloured to match our wine of choice, she rose, I red, but didn't want to spoil it. We had it done at the sketchiest looking little tattoo parlour for too much money really, but it was fun and it's without a doubt one of my most meaningful tattoos. Hers is on her wrist, but to be honest, its very rare that mine isn't on show anyway!

Finally we have my finger tattoos. The heart is probably my favourite of all my tattoos just because its so dainty and it makes all of my rings look way cooler. The unicorns were a silly idea that Sophie and I came up with on my 21st birthday, whilst sat in town killing some time before I went home and found the house kitted out with adorable banners and treats. We popped into the closest tattoo parlour and I asked what the chances were of getting a couple of unicorns on my thumbs and we went from there! I decided half way through the tattoo that one was going to be a boy and one a girl and so Rich, the artist, put eyelashes on the girly looking one. Their names are Walter (given by the receptionists husband) and Tallulah Una Uma Glitter Baby. The easiest way to explain that one is I'm really weird.

So that pretty much ties it all up. I have so many plans for more, but we will just have to wait and see when that becomes possible! Do let me know your opinions on tattoos, and whether you have any too? I think its really interesting the mixture of views that people have on them.


  1. I love looking at people's tattoos! You have ome fab ones!

  2. I've always admired tattoos and everything but I haven't got one yet and don't feel the need to get tattooed for now. Maybe in the future, never say never

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. That's completely fair, it's nice that you still appreciate the art on other people!