7 January 2012

Apologies for the state of my blog at the minute, new year, new start - this is going to be my pride and joy. First things first I have two exams this week with my novel deadline sandwiched between. By Thursday evening I will be a free girl for almost two weeks, which is plenty of time to revamp my blog, bedroom and maybe even wardrobe. Need to throw a load of stuff onto ebay as although my student loan has just come through, I'll be broke again sooner than you can imagine.

Speaking of which, I've spent the last three days in the company of the bo, spending way too much money and indulging in all of the things I miss when I'm not in Nottingham. Day one brought, a trip to the cinema to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Personally I thought it was brilliant, definitely on par with the original - we both left the cinema craving cigarettes and leather jackets. It also happened to be "our year" so in standard Tasha and Nathan style we came home with an armful of clothes for him, and only a bunch of ideas of things to treat me with. Day two began a little later than planned after an impromtu lay-in, but we still managed to take a good look around the book, comic and magazine shops. I bought a chuck palahniuk book and an issue of Frankie for myself, Thrasher for Nathan, and Front for both of us to flick through. Our final day in Nottingham has been my favourite so far. We wandered around Hockley for most of the day, making a pit stop in Lee Rosey's for a Chai Latte & White Hot Chocolate. I bought a beautiful vintage bracelet covered in gold and silver clock faces and cruxifixes for twenty five pounds, a complete steal! On top of all of these goodies we also ended up buying a total of fifteen cheap DVDs and an old yeah yeah yeahs CD - definitely ready to hibernate when I get back to Sheffield. I also spied the most beautiful leather jacket in a little punky place just behing the vintage warehouse. I popped my name down on the mailing list so I'll put up some more details about them when I hear from them.

The rest of my evening brings novel writing and revision. Really not looking forward to leaving Nottingham but hey, christmas can't last forever. And I guess getting back into some kind of routine won't be such a bad thing. Apologies for the lack of photos, I promise to be a much more efficient photo blogger in the very near future. I've also had some beautiful new items of clothing recently so I might even pop up a few outfit posts, I have a lookbook all set up and ready for the take off. I will sort myself out soon, promise, promise, promise.

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