13 January 2012

Semester One, Year Two: done. Big sigh of relief. After a stressful few days it seems alien not to be panicing about my next deadline, or what I should be revising for but I took advantage last night by spending the evening in bed watching Freaks and Geeks - I sure know how to party.

In other much more exciting news, I'm off on a little holiday to Whitby in a couple of hours. I've never been before so its super exciting. Going for a family party with the BFF, its going to be a ton of giggles. I intend to take a ridiculous amount of photos so I'll probably have a few to put up when I get back!

Also I'm now the proud owner of a Maccabees ticket for next Saturday at Leadmill, and I literally can't wait. Ever since I bought "Given To The Wild", its been on loop and my obsession with Orlando Weeks is getting out of control. I think its love.


Look at those cheekbones. Marry me?

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