30 January 2012

The Vintage Fair came back to Sheffield last Saturday, and as my partner in crime had gone home for the weekend, I dragged another friend along to scour the rails of second-hand garments. She seemed to enjoy herself, picking up a few accessories and even trying on a daring flamenco number. I usually don't allow myself to spend very much at these things, just go for a browse and a cupcake; but after spying a pair of navy docs for thirty pounds I felt so pleased with the offer that I paid out another eighteen for this beautiful garish shirt. The two pounds left over from my bank notes went on a cup of pic-n-mix which I shared with my fella during our film day yesterday. I wore the shirt today for my first day back at uni of 2012, but unfortunately couldn't face wearing the docs as they've already ripped giant holes in my heels! I've bandaged them in plasters for the time being and when they're all healed up I'll get some gel pads or something - they won't go to waste, don't worry.

I'm going to persuade Nathan to take some snaps of me with my Canon as I'm useless with a self-timer. Also, I'm really tempted to get the beauty spot tattooed on, any thoughts?


  1. Cool boots!
    I really like your blog
    If you want we can follow each other..I'm just following you!

  2. Great buys, I'm the same about money, I'm going to the shoreditch one, I hope it's good :)

  3. i have such a sick addiction to ugly 80s shirts. that is an amazing one! x

  4. I am loving your style. Gorgeous! x


  5. Those Docs were an amazing bargain!x

  6. I need your jacket!!!!!!!!!!!! x