26 January 2012

Today has been delightful for a number of reasons! 1) My lace chokers arrived in the post today; not exactly the ones I was hoping for, but they'll do for now. 2) I have a new job! Working my first shift on Saturday night, at the pub at the end of my road, its nothing fancy but it'll bring in a little bit of cash! 3) Last night was super fun, I drank lots of red wine and had a chance to listen to some new music that was all really great. We had to leave early to catch the last train back to Sheffield but next time we'll plan it better and stay until the very end! 4) I'm off out on a bar crawl tonight, with a big group of girls. I'm terrible for turning down nights out in favour of a bubble bath and a film, but I've decided not to be a recluse tonight and I'm sure it will be loads of laughs! 5) I've booked three house viewings for Wednesday. Househunting is always fun, especially in a brand new area, with new people. Hopefully we'll find a really cosy one that I can dress up and love even more than this one! 6) I'm half way through finally getting around to ordering my Creepers. I say half way, as my internet crashed as I pressed confirm so I'm not sure whether I've purchased them or not yet! Black suade, double sole, underground creepers, you will soon be mine!

I'm sure there are a million more things to be thankful for, but for now I must dash to Sophie's, where a big bottle of gin will be waiting for us to tuck in to!

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