9 February 2012

Hello, I just straightened my hair.

Been rushed off of my feet since my last post, busying about trying to make my boyfriend's birthday as enjoyable as possible on a very tight budget. I'm officially now out of cash and pretty much screwed when it comes to money, but I'm sure everything will work itself out. To summarise quickly, Black Keys were amazing, the two nights out were loads of fun, I've eaten so much rubbish that I'm in desperate need of a detox/diet & all in all Nathan had a lovely 21st. Today we skipped across to Meadowhall to pick up a "proper" present. He chose a pair of shoes (I swear that boy is worse than me when it comes to footwear) and a handful of games for his xbox. I saw a mountain of things that I wanted but managed to resist, I'll probably make a wishlist soon - topshop has some real treats in stock currently!


  1. You're an interesting person :)
    I always like to follow blogs of people in other parts of the world. Good to see what it's like out there, all the way over the other side of the earth :) Helooo!

  2. Your room looks so pretty! I love to see how people decorate!

    The guitar and ballet shoes on the shelf look gorgeous! xxx