11 February 2012

It's taken six months but I've finally unpacked and tidied up my bedroom in my little student house, and I love it. I'm up in the attic - a childhood dream, and although it isn't perfectly furnished, I've made my best attempt at making it homely with knick knacks and clutter. The photos are of my favourite little shelf. A little silly that I unpack just as we sign for our new house but I'm glad I get to spend some time up here, and I'm sure my room in the new pad will be just as pretty. Plus we have that spare room which I am dying to fill with antique furniture, old photo frames, mirrors and other delights I can find in various charity shops. The boys are voting games room but I'm sure I can persuade them otherwise. I reckon if I'd have chosen a different career path I'd have made a mean interior designer, it's definitely a secret passion of mine. I'm not sure how much a degree in English would help me though! I'll probably just stick to writing for now. Speaking of which,I have a feature to get finished.

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  1. ahh pointe shoes! makes me miss dancing ha. cute post x