20 February 2012

My oh my, hasn't this week flown by. It's been one of those where you feel incredibly busy, but when you think over what you've done, there isn't a whole lot to tell. I've once again eaten too much, drank too often and spent most of my time in bed, but that seems to be how my february is panning out. Corporation was lots of fun on Monday night, minus a few hiccups. I woke up the next morning, smothered in lipstick, recalling all of the super gay declarations of love that Sophie and I had been sharing and regretting tipping a double vodka into a purple pint (3 shots of vodka filled with an alcopop).

The highlight of my week, however, was definitely the visit from my parents on Thursday. We spent the day in and out of caf├ęs, browsing the shops and catching up. As usual they spent way too much money spoiling me (and Nathan), our stomachs filled, our cupboards stocked, they even treated me to a new pair of Creepers, eeeeee. I've barely taken them off, they're the best things ever. We spent the evening in the pub where I work as I had a few drinks behind the bar and Dad could watch the United match. I'm going to end up a football fan from this job, I swear! The weekend brought work, and another visitor from home so I'm still super behind with all of my uni work and in desperate need to clean up my act. Less than an hour until I'm back at work so I'm gonna drink up my monster, fix my hair and head out.

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