12 February 2012

As my Valentine and I are terribly poor this year I decided to compile a wishlist of unrealistic goodies that my rich, prince charming could potentially send me. If you're out there Mr. Right, don't hesitate to get in touch and shower me with gifts.

1) Empty Casket Necklace
2) MAC lipstick
3) Abs Trimmer
4) Lush Do Knot Disturb Set
5) Krispy Kremes
6) Blues Funeral
7) Substitute Club Spike
8) Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike
9) Boy London Vest

I'm not 100% sure which shade of scarlet to pick on the lipstick front, and all of the Empty Casket jewellery is beautiful. The raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake Krispy Kreme looks like heaven and either pair of those beautiful spiked shoes would make me the happiest girl in the world. Also the entirety of the ASOS trend, teen spirit needs to be in my wardrobe/bedroom.

Realistically, I'll be happy if I get a card and perhaps even a handful of flowers come Tuesday. We'll probably spend the evening in, watching films, drinking wine and eating home cooked food or a nasty take away - its what we do best. I also plan on going for an Italian with my other Valentine sometime soon, when I can afford to spoil her. BFF love.

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