13 February 2012

 Cow Tie-dye Crop Top, Miss Selfridge Skirt, Past Times Necklace, Garage Wedges

In hindsight the dark contrast on these photos don't do a whole lot of justice to the outfit, but oh well, learning curve. Apologies for the bears in the corner, what can I say, I'm a big kid at heart! Off out to Corperation tonight as the final chapter in Nathan's birthday saga. My make up is sure to be all over my face by the time we leave, but at least I'll have made an effort. Heels in Corp is always a worry too but these wedges are not only sturdy but they were cheap and I've already ruined them. They're definitely my go to shoes when I need a bit of height. I haven't worn a skirt of this length on a night out before either but again, this bargain of a beauty (£7 in the January sales, thank you Mummy) needs its night time debut.

My ombre hair is really starting to take shape now too, rather than just looking like terrible roots. I spent most of last year bleaching my hair up to white blonde from an almost black colour. In the process I destroyed my hair, so after a while I stopped and ended up with some really grungey roots, which I definitely couldn't pull off. I decided to go back to my natural colour, or there abouts, but the part which I'd bleached lifted leaving me like this. My original thought was to keep dying it dark but as well as my hair needing a well deserved break from being coloured, two-toned hair is so in right now it would seem rude not to leave it! It still looks a bit of a mess from behind, due to my ever changing parting and layers, but it'll get there eventually.


  1. Great outfit, love the skirt! x

  2. you are gorgeous, love the skirt xx

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