18 May 2012

Look how absolutely stunning my grandparents are. If only I'd have gotten a chance to meet them properly. I wish I could go back in time to this very picture, meet, drink and dance with them - I'm sure we'd have a ridiculous amount in common. My Mum has always said I get my musical side from my Grandad, I'd love to know what other traits I've taken from them. She also told me that although they didn't share very much in common with one another that they were wonderful dancers and loved to dance together. How beautiful is that? This is one of very few photos I've ever seen of them together and I love it. I think it dates around the mid 50s, the first place I'd visit if I could, although there aren't many eras I don't favour to my own.

Always in our hearts Nanny Curly and Grandad, I hope I'm doing you both proud
June Kearley (1930 - 1998) and Ronald Beechey (1929 - 1996)


  1. what an adorable pair! your grandad looks Kennedy-esque xxx

    1. I think you're right, haha, what a handsome chap.