20 May 2012

I've woken up today with a spring in my step, feeling a million times better than I did yesterday. You know those days where everything just seems to be crashing around you? I had one of those, combined with a really nasty hangover yesterday - thank you Propaganda. I feel good vibes from today already.

My exam is in two days and I haven't even started my revision/learning so the next two days are reserved for just that. Sophie should be coming over soon to keep me company and do some learning with me. Fingers crossed Amy will come home and join us too so we can have a big girly revision session. I might even nip back to the shops for baking material, revision muffins? I've definitely developed a small obsession for baking muffins.

Time to engross myself in 18th Century Literature, lucky girly. I can't wait to wave goodbye to this module, even though it does mean that my second year is over. Terrifying how fast university is going, I need to start making some serious life plans. All I really want to do is see the world and write about it.

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