21 May 2012

Less than 24 hours 'till the big exam and I'm still clueless. Turns out I only need 35% to pass which does make things a little easier but still need to buckle down today. Regardless of how little revision got done yesterday, I was right that it was a good day, I won two tickets to Alton Towers on ebay for only £14.50, what a steal! Sophie and I are going on Sunday and I absolutely cannot wait. I'm such an adrenaline junkie, so theme parks are my favourites. I used to visit Alton Towers often with my ex, but I haven't been in absolutely ages, excited just is not the word. Nathan is super jealous so as soon as I can I'll buy another pair and show him the sights (bros before hoes). I also got a really cute polkadot shirt which will no doubt make its debut on Sunday.

 Other things I've been doing instead of revising include; eating a huge amount of pringles, bidding on creepers that I'm never going to win, being hilarious with Sophie, loads of playing, watching terrible TV shows, listening to really good music and falling madly in love with THePETEBOX.
 He's so sweaty and beautiful and talented, what a dreamboat.

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