6 May 2012

Although I may not know all that much about it, I love art. I really regret giving up the subject so young on account of not being able to draw. As much as illustration is wonderful and I completely envy those of you who do it well, I realise now that I could have continued and blossomed in other areas. Anyway, enough of me - I have a ton of friends who are still flourishing their artly skills at degree level and producing some really amazing work.

This amazing selection of skulls made were made by my very talented and beautiful friend Becky Sloss. The photos were taken at her final show for her first year at NUCA. I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of them over Easter and they look even more impressive close up, the attention to detail, the delicacy of each skull - the effort put in creating them is equalled by their merit. Now I may not be an art critic, and a little biased towards my bestie, but they're pretty cool right? The bronze one is my favourite, and if I could I'd buy it off her for a lot of money, I totally would - its completely worth it.

Love to my honey.

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