3 May 2012

Today at work I booked the weekend of this years Latitude festival off. A little hopeful, I know - especially as I'm still £400 short of my rent for next month, let alone having the cash to buy a ticket. But I have promised myself to stay optamistic as I'm so very desperate to go. The line-up is so perfect, it's as if somebody has delved into my head and pulled out a festival. Not only that but most of my closest friends from home will be going, so I know I'd have so much fun. It would be my first full festival and completely and utterly worth the £175.

I've been picking up extra shifts at work wherever I can to save up for everything I'm meaning to do. I figure if I have to save up a ridiculous amount of money for rent anyway, I may as well save some more and have a bit of fun. Latitude & a couple of little holidays would be the perfect way to cope with another summer of work.

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