31 January 2013


I've been encouraged by several people to start blogging properly again, and on account of being so pleasantly overwhelmed that I do have regular readers I've decided to transform the blog into something that I love. From now on expect less here is me in a nice new jumper and what I ate for dinner, and more actual content. Don't get me wrong, if I have a nice new jumper I'll still show it to you, but it'll be more interesting I hope. 

I was asked very recently by my handsome friend Ben Waterfall, why I broadcast my life on the internet. He is very observant, I'm completely wired in to all of the social networking delights and I'll soon be running two blogs - a PR wet dream. It's not because I think I have anything particularly interesting to give to the universe, or that anybody will be captivated by my incredibly average life, it just sort of happened. When I started university I had a Tumblr, which I knew that all of my friends back home checked up on, to see what I was up to and how my life was getting on, but as I'm a writer at heart I wasn't satisfied by just re-blogging photographs of cats, and I can only assume my other followers were getting pretty sick of my wordy posts. I set up kindlytreasures as a sort of continuation of the half-diary, half-things that I've found on the internet and an excuse to write more. Inevitably I fell into the standard uninteresting fashion and lifestyle posts, rather than actually writing anything that I cared about. This isn't to say that I don't like fashion blogs, I follow a whole bunch of really interesting blogs but mine just felt like a mash-up of other people's. Like I hadn't really found my own path. As a self confessed writing addict, I love to blog and now that I'm set on fixing this up real pretty I hope to make this something decent. To the followers I have gained through this strange process of switching between all different styles of blogging, stick around, see if you like the new feel, and if it isn't for you I won't be too offended. And for all you adorable Fashion bloggers, I'll still be showing off my eBay purchases and 90s obsession on a regular.

I hope you all enjoy the "improved" kindlytreasures.


  1. Hi,
    Forgot to say thank you for your comment and so glad you're a fan of TOUK! Just a heads up that we've got new sweaters and tees releasing soon!

    Allanah x