10 January 2013

2013 is going to be an absolutely crazy one. My whole life is going to change dramatically in the summer when I finish my degree and step into the real world. It's 100% the most scary and crazy thing I'm ever going to have done. Most of my resolutions this year kind of revolve around that - sorting my life out, making big decisions, but I also want to live the next six months of my life to the absolute maximum. I'm going to do more, and do it harder, before I have to settle into reality.

Some of my favourite things that I'd like to do this year include:
learn to drive - join/start a band - take a holiday - get lost somewhere - start dancing again
look for internships - get an expensive new tattoo - take more photographs

I also want to try to go to some kind of live music event and the cinema once a month at the very very least.

For now, with the spirit of actually wanting to pass this god forsaken degree, I must return to my experimental writing portfolio which is due in tomorrow. 3000 words of weird, abstract poetry/prose, alongside another 1000 words of evaluation explaining all of the nonsense, it's torture. Good luck to all those of you who too, are up to your eyes in deadlines, we'll get through it!

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  1. I can teach you how to drive! One down Seven to go! Lovely post x