19 January 2013

Semester 1 done. Finally all handed in and ready to relax for a week before I'm back at uni for the last time.

Spent all of Wednesday procrastinating with Sophie, then had a mad rush all through the night getting it finished.  We took a tonne of silly webcam photos, went for lunch at Nero, cried all of our make-up off giggling at everything and successfully wrote nothing at all during the day, rebels right?


 Thursday then turned out to be the most perfect day I've had in a long while. After not a wink of sleep I strolled the dark empty streets back to the Library to get it all handed in. Everybody is really friendly in the early morning, I think there is some kind of mutual respect for anybody who is up and out of the house before 7am. After gathering coffees for my sleepy friends who were struggling through the traumas of a hand in, I was back home by midday.

The rest of the day brought cleaning, finding my lost keys, fixing an interview with a local band, finding my leather jacket and big cuddly jumper, dolling myself up, stealing Sophie's hat and going for a few drinks too many at a local pub. Things got a little messy after the shots began but what I remember of the night was brilliant. I woke up covered in glitter and scratched and spent the day being reminded of the things I had done the night before. This  included maiming myself and Sophie with a piece of broken glass so that we could be "Graze Brothers", doing a lot of shouting then cuddling and of course announcing my eternal love for Sophie a million times over, I am truly a psychotic friend. Couldn't have asked for better company for the night, loads of cuddles and kisses to Sophie, Ben and Jack.

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