22 March 2013

Film Club Fridays
Django Unchained 

On account of being completely consumed with university work and life dramas these past couple of weeks, I haven't actually gotten around to going to the cinema at all, so have decided to post a quick review of the mighty Django Unchained which has had everybody raving this year. After promising about seven thousand different people I would go with them to catch it at the flicks, I ended up missing out entirely. I couldn't quite wait to be able to afford the DVD, so last night my house mate Nathan and I finally got around to seeing what all the fuss was about, whilst gorging on Dominos pizza.

I'm quite the Tarantino fan, one of my all time favourite films being True Romancewhich although is directed by Tony Scott you can tell was written by Quentin. Django Unchained screams Tarantino from the off, a quality that I love in a director, especially when their work is so brilliantly stylised. The over-indulgent cameo towards the end wasn't really working for me, felt a lot like he was just stepping in to cover a role because the actor was missing, and putting on a silly voice, but that could have just been me. Also it was long. Since when have films become three hours long? I mean, I genuinely really enjoyed the film, but I still found myself checking the time. I don't think my attention span has the capability of lasting that long, regardless on the quality of the film. Anyway, back to how excellent it was. I adored the pairing of Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx, both excellent actors playing brilliant characters, they seemed to bounce off of each other and have a fun kind of chemistry. Plus when did Foxx get so damn foxy? I have no doubt that I'd swoon too, if he called me "little trouble maker". DiCaprio didn't look too terrible either to say he's aged so horribly, the facial hair is very becoming of him. I also loved the comedy elements in it too, my favourite part being the Ku Klux Klan bit with the bag masks. I won't ruin it for anybody who hasn't seen it, and I realise that it doesn't sound like something I should find funny, but it is supposed to be, don't worry. It really tickled me.

I'm sure you've probably all at least seen the trailer if nothing more, but here it is:

I am really gutted I didn't get to see it on the big screen, I imagine it was all the more dramatic and theatrically gruesome. I'll definitely be giving it another viewing soon, I don't think you can ever get everything from the first watch. This evening I shall hopefully be paying a visit to old favourite, The Showroom, to catch Stoker. Perhaps you will be in for a more up-to-date treat next week!