29 March 2013

I'm bypassing my Friday ritual this week on behalf of once again not getting around to going to the cinema </3 A week of trips to and from Sheffield for four hour shifts has been time consuming and tiring, but after this evening I have just over a week booked off; and relax. Tonight should be quite fun as JUNGLE LION are playing, a local ska band who I've seen a few times at venues across Sheffield (check out a review I wrote about them here - the night was called Off The Record). It'll be a very very busy shift and I doubt I'll be finished cleaning up until about 2am, but it's always fun to have something to dance along to whilst pulling a few pints.

Tomorrow morning I head back to Nottingham, then straight on to Dorset for a few days. I cannot wait at all. A little holiday is exactly what I need right now.

Too much Fall Out Boy often inspires moments of forgetting I'm not 15
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  1. cute picture! nice shade of lipstick :) <3 <3


  2. Sometimes you really do look like a sex offender

    1. I can only presume this is a mis-type of "offensively sexy"