23 March 2012

Today was deadline day for two of my module assignments, hence being AWOL again all week. I'm pretty much a pro at leaving uni work until the last minute, staying awake for about three days and surviving pretty much on cans of monster and sugary snacks. I handed in a very dull 2,000 word essay on 18th Century Literature, then a handful of acedemic resource reviews. Next on my agenda is three short stories which are bound to be way more fun, in fact, if I'm pleased with any of them I might even post a little preview in an attempt to make my self a little less self concious about my writing.

In other news I'm now officially a member of the ShuSound society and will be starting up a radio show next week. We've got some big plans lined up for it, maybe extending to a blog/e-mag if things go well, but I don't want to jinx things. I'll keep you updated on those plans too.

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