14 March 2012

The past few days I've been lapping up the sun for all its worth. I went on another adventure yesterday, this time with Sophie, where we got completely lost and laughed our heads off as we desperately scrambled up steep hills in skirts and completely inappropriate shoes for the occasion. Next time we head out we'll be in correct adventure boys attire. Today, after another terrible lecture on 18th centure literature, Nathan and I took a trip around town. We stopped off at my favourite bar, Bungalows & Bears for flatbread, and picked up a few bits and pieces that we needed/wanted. I came home with a pair of fishnet tights, a CD for mother's day, two magazines and a carton of raspberry ribena (the very best flavour). I also decided to leap into the 21st century and try out ebay and man am I hooked! I've not actually won anything yet but I'm still learning the tricks of the trade. I think that tomorrow I'm going to make my very own account and list some items that need a new home, I'll post up a link as soon as that's all up and running. Look at me starting to use lookbook and ebay like a real blogger!


  1. your photos are always lovely x

  2. In the land of no sunshine, one must make the most of any light the clouds offer! This morning I was woken by glorious sunshine, but typically, it was showering by noon. But hey, I was shopping indoors. Lovely photo.

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x