11 March 2012

Although both Nathan and I are quite behind on our work and have a million and one things we should be doing today, we decided it would be a much better idea to grab a slush puppy and head up to the park close to our house. We brought along a small picnic of root vegetable crisps, german jaffa cakes and peach sparkling water and sat in the sun for a few hours. It made a pleasant change not to have to think about a jacket. I took out my camera and as usual took a ton of silly photographs of him, us and the beautiful sunlit park. He took a few snaps of me too so I finally got my act together and set up my LOOKBOOK. Once I've gotten the hang of it I'm sure I'll post up outfits regularly - showcase my crazy eclectic style.


  1. found your blog through lookbook!! <3
    Love your outfit, girl!:)

  2. Amazing blog!I love your photos, following you :)


  3. Love your photos. :)