24 March 2012

I feel a bit of a wardrobe overhaul is in order. Free listing on ebay all weekend means tomorrow will be spent sorting through all of the things I no longer wear hoping to send them off to new homes. I've never actually sold anything on ebay so I'm sure it's going to be super exciting. If I manage to get any little bits and pieces of cash I'm tempted to put it all back into ebay, I've spent many hours this week browsing through, wishing that I could afford to put some bids down.

Also I have a lottery ticket for tonight so my fingers are crossed that we hit the jackpot. I could really use a holiday, lots of new things and tickets to a handful of festivals this summer. I realise it isn't very likely that I'll win, but a girl can dream. Plus I'm always so damn unlucky I can only hope that one day my luck will all come at once and I'll become a millionaire. For now, off for a quick shift at work. It may not bring me my millions but its enough to get by.


  1. Congratulations!

    I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award for your beautifully creative blog. For more information and for what to do next, please check out the latest post on my blog.




  2. what is your ebay account link??? im interested in purchasing some of your items! they're beautiful

  3. This has totally inspired me to sort out my wardrobe, I need to win the lottery too waa xx