4 March 2012

After a hectic few weeks, filled with almost nothing I finally feel like I can catch a moments breath. Nathan got his bursary a few weeks back so we've had the freedom to spend a little money which has been nice, treating ourselves to good food, adventures and the occasional gift. We have two new little editions to our family too, a pair of Russian Roborovski hamsters named Francois and Totoro (Sophie and I named them, as they're hers too). They're teeny tiny and super jumpy and quick so I haven't managed to get any successful snaps yet but as I have to clean the cage later I'll try then. I was also bought my first pair of "skaters-girlfriend" shoes: Nike SB Janoskis. I'd forgotten how comfortable this kind of footwear is after the pains of docs, creepers and brogues. I'm not usually the sports-wear type but they're a nice change from your average Vans and heck, they were free. I also bought myself a box hair-dye from a pound shop, which practically did nothing. Ever so tempted to go dark again, but with Summer approaching maybe I'll wait a while.


1 comment:

  1. Oh, you got hamsters!
    Mr.Freddy would like to see them :-)
    I like the new shoes, darling!

    P.S. Thanks! I'm now following you back
    on GFC, darling!
    See you around.