4 June 2012

Happy Jubilee to you all!
I haven't actually been to any jubilee themed events, as I've been busy working all weekend, but I decided I'd get a little into the spirit with my red, white and blue outfit. I'm intending to litter my lookbook this week so you'll get to see lots of photos of my very limited wardrobe.

I've never even been any good at painting my nails, let alone fancy nail art, but I thought I'd give it an effort. Smudgy and messy, but not bad to say I have no nail art pens and hands as shakey as an alcoholic. The blouse I'm wearing is the one I won on ebay recently - I love it so much as there is loads you can do with it and it's really summery and light. Fingers crossed the sunshine will come back out soon and I'll need it to cover my sunburnt shoulders once again.

I borrowed both the red nail varnish and shoes from my housemate Amy, who's birthday it is today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!! I hope she doesn't mind me prancing about in her wedges, but I thought it would complete my jubilee look as I don't tend to wear anything red usually - other than lipstick. You can tell they are a bit big, I look like I'm trying to walk around in Mummy's heels when I wear them. Also the photos show off my most recent silly DIY tattoo, the little bow and arrow.  Nathan's tattoo gun came out to play whilst Jack and Sophie were over, and we spent a fun evening drinking and giggling. The boys got matching tattoos which me and Sophie intend to get eventually, once she's had a real one - I didn't want to do her very first tattoo! Nathan also went over the little dagger that he did last year, and managed to scratch me a good'un. They may be rubbish but I like that fact that they're super personal and will be with me forever, whatever happens.

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  1. love you blog! followed.
    and this outfit is so cute! i am in love with the shirt and those wedges. x