8 June 2012

Wednesday with my parents and brother, was absolutely wonderful. I met them at Meadowhall, still one of my very favourite places, regardless of the fact that the novelty factor has worn off now, living so close. We started out in the huge food court, where I had a jacket potato covered in mushroom and spinach korma - amazing. We then spent some quality family shopping time, scowering the best shops that South Yorkshire has to offer. And as if Meadowhall wasn't already fantastic enough, it now has my favourite high street store in the whole world, Urban Outfitters. The "coming soon" sign has been tempting me for months and months so when I saw that it was actually open, I practically ran through the doors! I literally could have spent a million pounds in there, but as I'm stoney broke I prepared myself to leave the store empty handed - though this was not the case! My absolutely fabulous mother treated me to a pair of summer shoes, shades and this pretty printed shirt. I also picked up the Barry M lip paint that I'm wearing above, it's shade 100. I've been looking for a baby pink colour for a while and I finally made a decision on that one. After we were all stocked up on goodies, we headed back to the house, via my work for a couple of drinks and the local chinese take-away for food. Always sad when they leave but we have a day trip to the dales planned for Sunday already, so I won't have to miss them too much.

 Can't wait for the sunshine to come back out so I can wear these out!

The battery on my Canon has died and for the life of me I don't remember what I've done with the charger so yesterday's look comes from my rubbish Fujifilm - you can desperately tell. It was also pouring down with rain at the time so all in all, it's not brilliant. Today the only productive thing I've managed so far is to bake a rice pudding (which is amazing), so I think I'm going to get started on packing. Can't believe how soon I'm moving into the new place!


  1. Those sandals are gorgeous. :D They're a bit like flatforms and I LOVE flatforms! x

    1. Thank you, I've been prancing around in them all day.

  2. Oooh those sandals are divine! And I love your blouse:) XX

  3. The sandals are so cute:-)

    Warm regards


  4. i love your shirt! and the sandals are v. cute xx

  5. I'm pretty jealous of your new sandals.. Might treat myself to a pair !! Love your outfit too..