5 June 2012

Despite the weather turning from bad to worse, I've been feeling pretty summery today - or more to the point, festival-y. It's not really a very special or inspiring outfit but it catered for my mood! It's only two weeks until I work Isle Of Wight, then another couple until T in the Park and although Latitude is now sadly off the cards, I still have my hopes on going to at least one, on the right side of the bar. 

I've lost my ebay selling virginity today and listed 5 items, eee exciting. Feel free to check them out here;
If these all go well then I'll spend next week throwing my whole wardrobe online.

Tomorrow Mami and Papi are coming over to Sheffield, I think we're headed for a bit of shopping at Meadowhall and hopefully something tasty to eat. For now I have a cup of tea and a space on the sofa with my name on them, ready to snuggle up and watch Rango, we're such kids.

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