13 June 2012

Spent yesterday in York, catching up with the bff. Everything has gotten really hectic since uni broke up, even though I'm not actually working that many hours. I know how badly I need a second job but finding the time to actually look for one is proving more difficult that imagined. She, however, is doing 40 hour weeks in Whitby, so it was nice to be able to catch up and do a bit of shopping. She bought a pair of creepers some great Joplin style sungalsses and some benefit foundation, while I stuck to gazing into shop windows and trying on litas - super jealous, but she is working harder than I am.

We stopped at the most adorable tea room, although one of the waitresses took an immediate disliking to us, I don't think they often get "youths" in there. The intention was to also have a bite to eat later on, but time got the better of us so we're saving that for our next date.

My rent for the new house comes out one week today, and I am completely dreading it - I'm going to have to borrow some extra cash from my parents then be in their debt along with my bank and student finance. Everything is so damn expensive, I really wish money just fell from the sky. I've posted my first four sold ebay items so I should see the money from that really soon and then I'll list some more, I can see myself getting hooked! I do need to shake off some stuff, and as I'm starting to pack up this little house now, I'm getting a chance to see quite how much rubbish I have, that could potentially become another person's treasure.


  1. Was it a tea room in whitby? I used to work in a tea room in whitby:) xxx

    1. It was in York, but I have been to a couple in Whitby, which did you work at?

  2. Marie Antoinette’s across the bridge, by the bottom of the abbey xxx

  3. love these pictures xx